Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Open!

I'm happy to say that my jewelry website is open again for business...  Lots of new designs and more to come (Below are some photos of a few)...  You can also follow me on Facebook for all the latest...

And a fun bit of news...  Zack, Nick and I leave for Africa on July 20 (my mom is going too!)...  And hopefully, if the plan works, I'll be posting updates from Africa to my Designing For Hope Facebook page...  We are getting to go back to the same church that I served at last year and we get to plant fruit trees for them!!  I'm SO excited!!

Rose Coral Dyed Freshwater Baroque Pearls and Crystal

Agate, Freshwater Pearl, Crystal & Czech Glass

South Sea Shell Pearls, Czech Glass & Crystal

 Ginkgo Leaf Asymmetrical Necklace with Crystal Bead Drops

 Antique Bronze Tree Pendant on Suede/Leather Cord & Chain

Silver Leaf with 3 Bead Crystal Drop