Monday, March 2, 2009


Ok...I love snow! I love snow days... I love watching the kids chocolate...warm blankets...the excuse to park the car and stay home...taking photos and the incredible beauty! We aren't blessed with a real snow very often in the south so I took advantage and headed out with my camera...

There are more photos of Abby because she's still struggling with bronchitis so I kept her closer to home while the others went to the sledding hill... She finally got to build a full grown snowman!!

Snow Day '09 022

Snow Day '09 023

Snow Day '09 025

Isn't he handsome! Scott...not the snowman!!

Snow Day '09 054

Snow Day '09 062

I happened to catch the boys on the way back from the sledding hill...

This is what teenage boys do in the the the the sun...our friend K. looked at me and said, "Ms. Sharla, they do this all the time!" YEP!!!

It started with a face plant... (Actually, Nick started this by planting his own face first, Zack just decided to help him out the next time!)

Snow Day '09 102

Snow Day '09 107

They do this too...INCOMING!!

Snow Day '09 117

I think Nick has had enough...ya think?!

Snow Day '09 118

After everyone went inside, I took a walk down to where the lake runs into the back of our was so are few photos.

I thought the contrast of the branches...the snow and the vibrant blue skies was just stunning!

Snow Day '09 124

Snow Day '09 156

Snow Day '09 147

Snow Day '09 160

Snow Day '09 133

All the pretty blooms wearing a coat of white...

Snow Day '09 200

It was a really fun morning!


trina said...

Wow!!!! I love the pics. Yep, our boys did the same thing today in the SNOW! Yes, we had snow,too!!! So exciting!

April Isaacs said...

I love snow days too! And, Sharla... those are pictures of a real snow day!! The last time you posted pictures about a snow day... I cracked up. I think there may have been 2 flakes on the ground and you have pictures of the kids trying to sled. I was dying! I think I forgot to comment. I was probably in the hospital or at a doctors/dentist appt... because I am at one EVERY DAY!! Anyway, I love the pics of the boys fighting. I also think the pic of your hubby is very handsome! And I love all the pics of the the trees, lake etc.... I wish we were having a snow day. I think God made snow so we'd have to slow down and rest. I am so glad you had one there in the South!!:-)


Anonymous said...

The pics. are great, Scott, Abby,(the one up close especially), the boys, and yes, I believe Nick had had enough---I can also think of another word to describe how he looked----
Gee,the scenery is gorgeous. The contrast with the blue sky is awesome. Magnificent work---God that is! But you too with your camera!
Love you,

Patientlywaiting said...

Beautiful pictures, Sharla. We haven't had a snow day for 3 years! That's what you get for living in South Texas! All of our sleds are in storage with hopes that we will need them again someday. Thanks for sharing.


laranou said...

I wondered if you got some of the southern snow. We had 6 to 7 inches on Saturday. Keziah looked out the kitchen window at breakfast and giggled as she "told" us she wanted to make a snowman (hand motions - three circles and a smiley face). We had our own little Chinese popsicle when she was done sledding and snowball fighting.

momto4girls said...

WOW! Breathtaking photos!

Cindy M said...

Your outdoor pictures are vividly beautiful! Love them! And I laughed when I saw the face plant photos. I, too, know a bit about teenage boys and snow. Wrote a post about it on my blog...there's a link on the sidebar under Fiesta's the Grand Canyon story.

I read your last couple of posts, as well, and wanted you to know that the part about taking each step as God reveals it really spoke to me today. Thank you.