Monday, January 25, 2010

So Out Of Touch...

Hi bloggy friends...  So sorry I have been so out of touch for so long...  20 days with no post, wow, that's the longest I've been.  Nothing is wrong, just so busy...  Teaching Revelation is one of the most difficult studies I've ever taught, but so rewarding!!  I seemed to spend so much of my time doing that...  I owe a great BIG HUGE apology to my friend Naomi who gave me a blog award, but somehow I never seemed to get it posted to my blog.  Thank you friend... Your faith is such an inspiration!

Today is my sweet Mackenzie's 12th birthday!!  It's hard to believe that it's been 12 years...  She is a bundle of pure joy!  Her smile lights up a room and she is the greatest big sister!  She is truly a blessing from God!

I've been finding time to read some GREAT books...  I can't recommend these enough...  Same Kind Of Different As Me and What Difference Do It Make? both by Ron Hall and Denver Moore.  And then I just finished one tonight called Under The Overpass...  Wow, it will rip your heart out.  It's the story of 2 college students who give up their cushy life for 5 months and live as homeless men in Washington D.C., Portland, San Francisco, Phoenix and San Diego.  What's so heartbreaking is how miserably the church fails them, more often than not!  Now I'm starting a book called The Gutter.

There seems to be a theme developing here...  All of the books I'm reading are about the homeless.  God just keeps showing me over and over how far short we're falling as the church.  In the next few days, I'll try and share a few of the quotes that have been haunting my thoughts.

Just a quick update on Ms. Abby...  It's amazing what God continues to do in her heart!  She is so immersed in the idea of family now.  One night we were going to play a game and Zack wasn't sure he wanted to play.  Abby looked at him and said, "You have to play, it's a FAMILY game."  Every weekend she asks if we can watch a family movie.  When I told her that was kind of hard since the boys don't like the same movies as the girls, she said, "I don't mind watching one of their movies, as long as it's not too scary!"  She even understands the idea of sacrificing to be part of a family!

And her relationship with me just keeps growing more and more...  She's so playful with me, her hugs are so sweet, she usually won't let go until I let go first and she LOVES to laugh!  And if I'm distracted and she's not getting the attention she wants, she has no problem in persisting until I put down whatever I'm doing!  Tonight she told me that daddy couldn't have me because "You're mine!" 

Well, that's about it for now...  I've missed blogging, so I'm sure it won't be so long till you hear from me again! 


Anonymous said...

Oh, how I remember 12 y/a and the birth of sweet, beautiful, gentle, fun, adorable Mackenzie. It was one of the happiest days of my life! Since that day she has brought only pure joy to my heart.
Happy Birthday Dear One, I love you more than you could know.


trina said...

Happy Birthday,Mackenzie!!

Sharla, welcome back.

Happy Abby is figuring out how much she is loved. :)

Missing you all.

Love for Lilly Yin said...

I was wondering about you....welcome back...

Amy said...

I love watching Abby's relationship with you develop. So precious.

Naomi said...


It is so good to have you back!!! I missed you! But I fully understand how we all get busy and I guess blogging must take a back seat on different occasions. None the less, it is great to hear how you are all doing especially Abby. And a happy Birthday to Mackenzie!!

And do not worry about the award... your blog is always an encouragement to me and I just wanted you to know!!

sierrasmom said...

Happy 12th birthday Mackenzie. Her birthday is two days after Sierra's. What a joy her party was!!I am so happy that Abby is feeling so comfortable in her family!!! You were the perfect family for her in that you gave her all the time she needed...and look how it is paying off!!!
BTW I have missed your posts...I am glad you are OK!!!