Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Beautiful Picture of The Church

Today was another great day…  6 years ago, on mom’s first trip to Swaziland, she spent 5 days working in a little village, Kabuta.  And on each trip since then, she has returned to visit a family, a really special family!  And wow…  what a blessing to take the boys there today also…  We had a great time with them!  

The highlight of the day was when we presented them with the trees that we had brought to them…  In the past, mom’s always taken fruit trees, but Heart For Africa has learned about a bush called the Moringa bush.  It’s an amazing food source.  But so few people know about it, mom was afraid they’d be disappointed that we didn’t bring more fruit trees.  But we were the ones in for a surprise…  As mom started to explain what she had brought…  Samuel, the dad, got very excited…  So did his son…  They knew all about the moringa bush and wanted some, but didn’t have a way to get any…  They couldn’t believe we had brought moringa bushes!  Who but God could have pulled that off!

But that’s really not what’s on my heart to write about tonight…  I just can’t stop thinking about the community we’ve been working in…  In the last year, they’ve more than doubled the garden that Heart For Africa started for them.  They’ve taken great care of the cook shelter our team built for them, it still looks like new…  And they still have all of the tools that we gave them last year.

They’ve also dug the foundation for a soup kitchen and a new church building (I stood in their current church building yesterday while it rained, and it was awful… there were about 3 benches where you could be sure to stay dry…) and they’ve built a chicken coop to produce their own eggs…
They don’t have the money to complete any of the big projects, but their thinking is that they’ll take the step of faith and prepare the foundation, trusting that God will provide in His time!  

They don’t just believe that nothing is impossible with God, they live it every day!

They are such a beautiful picture of the church… They love their members and they take care of them, but they also love their community and are taking the steps to be able to minister to a community that is hungry, sick and struggling.

I’m so sad that we just have one more day there…  I can’t believe that once again, this trip is coming to a close…  it’s just not long enough.  It was so hard to say good bye last year, I can’t even imagine what this year will be like… 

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