Friday, September 14, 2012

New Blog!!

I've decided to start a new blog...  I've blogged here for about 4 years now and I had a pretty specific purpose when I started this blog.  I was a new adoptive mom and I wanted, maybe really needed, a place to tell our stories... I guess it was my way of processing.

But the cool thing about this process of adoption and attachment is that I no longer think of myself as an 'adoptive mom,' I'm just mom!  And as the kids are getting older it somehow seems like I should let them tell their own stories, if they choose.

Of course I'll NEVER stop being mom (thank goodness), but as the kids get older, I have more time to focus on other passions of my heart, like my Designing For Hope jewelry business and Swaziland.

I don't know what that will look like over time, but it just seems appropriate to start a new blog to chronicle a new journey.  I admit, I'm kind of sad at the thought of not posting to this blog again (weird the things I get attached to) but I know in my heart that this is the right thing.  If you'd like to keep following, you can find me at

And in case you're wondering, it won't be a blog that's all about promoting my business!  In fact, that's just a small part of it, but I want it to be a blog that's about hope!  Life is full of hope...  If you think about it, it's what moves us from one moment to the next, so I want to write about the things that give me hope...things that make me smile...things that make me want to get up and do a happy dance!

So thank you for being my 'cyber' friend these last few years...  I hope you'll join me on the next part of this journey! Many blessings to you!!

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