Monday, December 22, 2008

The High Cost Of Adoption...In Perspective

As Christmas draws close, a thought has been percolating in my heart about the high cost of adoption. It’s interesting to me that in the many conversations I’ve had about adoption, the subject of cost is almost always discussed… “Isn’t it expensive?” “How much does it cost?” “We could never afford that.”

Yes, it is true that adoption depletes your finances…it takes your time…and it exhausts you spiritually and emotionally… And, it is always wise to count the cost…

But it occurred to me that, as the celebration of the birth of Jesus draws near, our Abba Father completed THE most expensive adoption in the history of mankind.

• He sent His precious Son, the one TRUE King, to be born in a manger…a stable…not with servants to serve Him and diplomats to honor Him…but with cows to moo at Him and donkeys to bray at Him

• He sent Him from outside of time and space into a place where He was confined by time and limited by space.

• He sent Him to serve us…to wash the feet of those who would betray Him…to feed those who would reject Him…to love those who would kill Him.

• He sent Him knowing that He would be rejected, mocked, ridiculed and killed… Sentenced to die the most horrible death we could ever imagine.

• And the most amazing thing of all, Jesus was pleased to do it… He gave His all so that we could be His brothers and sisters… so that we might share in His inheritance…so that we might experience the relationship that He shares with His Father (John 17).

I am so humbled…so incredibly grateful that it NEVER occurred to my Abba Father to consider the cost of adoption as too high…He willingly sacrificed His most treasured Son so that I might belong to Him forever!

Remember that as Christmas Day draws close…YOU are an adopted child of the King if you have believed that Jesus is Your Savior and don't forget that He paid the ultimate price to make you His forever. Yes, adoption is expensive…but why not pray about adopting a child this Christmas and honor the one who paid the highest price for all eternity for your own adoption?

Merry CHRISTmas!


trina said...

As always, Sharla, a beautiful post! Send them to my website about "the cost" and "fundraising" the next time someone mentions it. This is the reason many don't adopt. If God has called us to it, he will provide it. :)

Jeff said...

Wow! I wish I'd have written that!

Denise said...

Thank you Sharla for this reminder. I have had a strained relationship with my earthly father, so being adopted by God has been a comfort to me since becoming a Christian.

Merry Christmas my friend. I am so glad to have gotten to "know" you this past year~

Machell said...

Hey Sharla,

Great post!!!

Machell :-)

PS ... yeah I'm still around ... Nate is doing great ... he is a mama's boy.