Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Beach Trip

So before I post the photos from our family beach trip, I've got an Abby funny...  For the trip, I bought Abby some of her own books, she's reading great now and I thought it was time for some chapter books.  We found some she thought she'd like and she loved them.

The other night, she was finishing up one of the books and she said, "Mommy, I really like this book, but it has a bad word in it."  I tried to be calm, but inside I was livid...  A bad word in a child's book.  I was picturing walking into the local bookstore and having a good old fashioned rant...

"Abby, what kind of bad word?"

"You know mommy, the 'sh' word..."

At this point I'm flabbergasted...  Really?  The 'sh' word in a 2nd grader's book...

"Abby, are you sure it was the 'sh' word?"

At this point she leans in and whispers...  "Mommy, they said 'shut up'"

Ohhhhhh...  The 'sh' word!  I love innocence!!

So now for the beach pictures...

A couple of weeks ago, our family (29 of us) went to the beach...  We had to try a new place because our usual location is on the Gulf and we were worried about the oil and the beaches.  But we LOVED our new location and we had a blast...  (These are a few of my favorites!!)

Beach2010 (51 of 183)

Beach2010 (45 of 183)

Beach2010 (58 of 183)

Beach2010 (136 of 183)
(I just love seeing those sweet China angel faces as part of our family!)

Beach2010 (165 of 183)

Beach2010 (178 of 183)
(The boys with their grandmother...  YIKES...  My babies are growing up!)

Beach2010 (112 of 183)

It was truly a great week!!


Jen said...

Don't you love that innocence?? My kids think the "s-word" is stupid :)

Looks like your family had a wonderful trip!!

Patientlywaiting said...

Great pictures, Sharla. You all look great! All of your kids have really grown up!

Shut up is a bad word at our house too!


trina said...

Sharla!! Oh my. We've missed you. Loved the Abby Funny. Cute,cute. Zack got his hair cut!! And Nick looks like he's 20. Handsome boys!! I LOVE the picture of you and your man!! You are as beautiful as ever. Joel B just asked today if we could visit you all. :)

sierrasmom said...

Love , love those pictures. I am glad your new p lace turned out to be OK!! Your boys are so handsome and your girls are beautiful!!!
And what a great picture of you and hubby!!!!!
I had a student come up to me on the playground one time and tell me someone had said 3 bad words...2 's' words and the "e" word. The words...??? "shutup" "stupid" and "idiot' When I told the story at dinner time, my son was quiet and then said " But Mom, idiot doesn't start with an " e" Duh...thats what made it so funny!!! Gotta love kids!!!