Sunday, January 18, 2009

Baby Jesus Songs & An Award

Just a quick short story that is just too precious not to share...

When we adopted Abby, we learned that she loves music. Since Mackenzie had purchased an IPOD Nano, she decided to let Abby have her IPOD Shuffle. I will never forget the first time I heard Abby say the name 'Jesus'... We had been home a very short time and I was wondering how we would ever begin to teach her the name Jesus and the next thing I knew, she was singing it with one of the songs on her IPOD.

Well, last week Abby came to me and was very upset that there were songs on her IPOD that weren't 'baby Jesus' songs. She wanted me to take off all the Disney songs only put 'baby Jesus' songs and Christmas songs...who says she can't listen to Christmas music year round?

So, her IPOD is full of 'baby Jesus' songs and we're still hearing Silent Night, Jingles Bells and Frosty the Snowman (I know, those aren't 'baby Jesus' songs, but Christmas songs were her exception)!

She still doesn't understand who He is, but how wonderful that she loves to sing about Him...she knows He loves her...Abby's version of Jesus Loves Me... "Jesus loves me...I KNOW!" I think He must smile when she sings about Him!!

On another note (no pun intended!!)... my friend Leslie, who is taking I hope, just a temporary break from blogging (I miss you friend), nominated me for an award...the Lemonade Stand Award, which is for blogs showing great attitude and gratitude!

Now it's my turn to nominate a few...

Definitely Cheryl at HisTaiHens...her faith and her perseverance through the trials of trying to adopt their 3 children in Taiwan is inspiring...

Then there's Linn at A Place Called probably have been following their blog, but just in case, they adopted 2 precious ones from Uganda in December, and then this past week, their house burned on Wednesday, their son and an emergency appendectomy on Thursday and then their long time best friend, their dog died on Friday... Her faith is unshakable... Linn, I want to be like you when I grow up!

And then, my friend April over at Dirty Laundry...she's had more than her fair share of trials and she always keeps me laughing!!

And finally, my friend Trina at the Great Adventure... she has 6 children, homeschools, blogs and still takes time to encourage the rest of us!

Ok friends, now it's your turn to nominate someone... And Linn, I understand if you don't have time right're a little busy!!

Hugs to all my blogging buddies!!

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