Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Catching Up...Part 2

Ok...April friend, this one's for you! (You'll have to read her comment on my last post! LOL!!)

So thank you for hanging in there with me, I guess I just needed a break from blogging...

So here's the rest of Christmas!!

On Christmas morning, Abby got up and put on her new dress that Ms. Trina and Alaina sent her (thank you friends)...she was so excited to get dressed up for Christmas morning!! Scott and I were getting everything ready downstairs and I hear from the top of the stairs, as she's been asking to come downstairs, "Mommy, I give you howg!" (You'll have to read the story in the last post!) She's catching on!


Christmas morning was wonderful. All of the Santa presents were wrapped so the kids had to take them one by one! She was so patient and so willing to wait on everyone to open their presents...

Abby got her Bitty Twin...


Mackenzie, her digital camera...


Nick, his IPOD...


And Zack, his cell phone (yep...he's 15 and just getting his first cell phone!)


Noba (my mom) and my grandmother, Mama H. were with us too...


The day after Christmas we headed somewhere else in the south and spent a few days with my PawPaw and Granny...


And from there, on to Grandpa J's and Grandma C's, where we got to hang out with cousins too (Scott's brother and his family)... The kids had a BLAST!!

The first night, Uncle B, brought everything and made dumplings (from scratch, even the dough) for Abby... She LOVED them! So did we...they were delicious!! Thank you Uncle B for going to so much trouble, it was really special!!


Abby chowed on them!!


The next day the older kids headed off to a ropes course (they had a blast) and Abby hung out with her cousin, E... She finally got to swing on the rope swing and just as I suspected, she LOVED it!!






Mackenzie, as always, loved being with her cousin S...they get along so great...we just need to live closer to them...




Then we added little R...our other cousin...we had 9 kids in the house! It was wild!!


This was our dog Pippin...he found a quiet place to hide and fell asleep (Yes, he's wearing a sweater...LOL...Abby was so worried about him being cold that she asked for a sweater for him for Christmas)


The whole gang!!


It was a wonderful Christmas and we ended on a great note with my cousins driving from somewhere else in the south to come and see us, it was a girl's weekend and we had a GREAT time!!

We did lots of crafts, Scott made us waffles for breakfast and cooked dinner for us on Saturday night!


Ok...I think that catches us up through the New Year... I'm not too good at posting all the details, I really love to just write, so thank you for hanging in there with me, I'm amazed at how many of you have continued to check in on us...

We started our study in Daniel in Community Bible Study, after the New Year, and it is an amazing study... God has been stirring up some things in my heart that I'm looking forward to sharing. I'll share some thougths on that in a few days. I promise not to wait so long!!


trina said...

Awwww...I'm glad she likes her dress. I meant to include a picture of Alaina wearing her matching dress. Please, tell me how you got just one Bitty Twin? Thought you had to buy the set. Alaina loves her dolls,too. Tell Abby she is very pretty in her dress. Missing you!

April Isaacs said...

Yea! Thanks Sharla!! I loved it! I loved the bitty baby. Abby looks very happy. I'm sure it's not always as rosey as the pictures...

Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I loved all the pictures.


Denise said...

I have been waiting for this post! Can I just say that I will show this post to my 14 year old son who is whining because he is the only kid at school without a cell phone!!

Great pics Sharla...I have missed you~