Friday, August 28, 2009

"Trouble" (The Game!)

So I thought I'd take a break from posting about Africa and tell you a little about Abby... But first, when I was in Africa, Zack made the Varsity Soccer team and last night was his first game... He started and played the whole game... He played really well! It was a lot of fun... They won 5-1!!

It's pretty amazing...he went to a Ralph Lundy Soccer Camp this summer and it has completely changed his style of play. I think it was where his soccer coach was trying to get him to last spring, but it is amazing the difference it made... He reminded me that after the camp, where they played 10-11 hours a day that he was playing a whole new game... much more finesse... less, kill the player with the ball! Zack is a very aggressive defender... Here are a few photos from last night. The one downside to Varsity...they play later so it's hard to get good shots in such low light...

Soccer 2009-8

Soccer 2009-7

So Abby did GREAT while I was in Africa... I talked to her every other day and her little heart definitely softened more towards me while I was gone. The sweetest change though has been in her relationship with Scott... She sits in his lap... Holds his hand when we go places... And is becoming more and more free with her hugs! She lets him give her BIG hugs now!! The other night, she came in the office where Scott and I were talking and asked us for a hug, out of the blue... So sweet.

Abby and Mackenzie are at different schools now... Elementary and Middle school... So Abby gets home about 2 hours before Mackenzie. It has been some sweet time with Abby... we read a book and playing Trouble has become our afternoon routine... Let me tell you, this girl is COMPETITIVE... She shows no mercy... (And boy, she brings out the competitive streak in me too!) We are having so much fun though!

This is Abby after she lost to me...3 games to 2...she doesn't like to lose!! LOL!! More in a day or so about Africa...


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sierrasmom said...

I knew that you going away would make Abby miss you more!!! I love Zach's soccer pictures! It seems like he'll have a great year. They made their final descision Varsity football.... lots of tears at our house all around!