Monday, September 7, 2009

Pizza & New Shoes, Africa part 5

Two of the funnest things we got to do on our trip to Africa both happened on our last day there...

It started with one of our team members, M... His company had provided money for M to buy pizza, soda and sweets for all of the kids at the children's home...

Some of the older kids had had pizza before, but the little ones had never had it. They waited so patiently as all of the boxes were distributed to each table... No one rushed, or pushed, or fought to be first...

And then when it was time to eat, the little ones didn't have a clue what to do... When the boxes were opened, they just sat and stared at it... Someone had to show them how to tear the pieces apart and then eat it... And it was so incredible... One of the things that I love about the children is they hold 2 hands out to receive whatever you give them... It is such an act of graciousness and humility and that's how they received their pizza!

These are some of my favorite photos from the trip...








And then later that same afternoon, we got to distribute new shoes to the women from the community! WOW...what a joy that was!! There must be a gene common to women that makes us love new shoes! It was so much fun to watch them try on different styles and colors and choose what suited them best... It occurred to me as I watched that I taking shopping for shoes so much for granted... They had probably never had a selection of shoes to choose from before... They had probably always accepted what was given to them and what an incredible joy it was to get to watch them choose their own shoes!!



So proud of her new shoes!!


All the ladies...


Showing off her new shoes!!


The Shoe Dance!!


I loved this lady!!


I think I need to take time to be as grateful for all that I've been blessed with as the children and women were for their pizza and new shoes!


Lori said...

Oh my goodness. These pictures deeply touched my heart! Yes indeed, we should all be as grateful for ALL the MANY things we have as these precious friends were for their shoes and pizza.

Thanks for sharing! You are a great photographer!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for writing and the pics. What PRECIOUS memories this brings to my mind.
I love seeing sheer joy!

Love you,
Just thinking---why did we not bring the kid with all the soda cans home with us---he would have fit in our carry on!!!???

Wife of the Pres. said...

Can't type much through the tears rolling down. I have been blessed to read your stories. Oh how I pray God would allow our family to GO somewhere else. Seems impossible, but I know with Him all things are possible!