Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Even Abby Gets It...

 Tonight, I was watching a film clip that Janine (from Heart For Africa) posted on her Facebook...  It's a powerful look into the life of an orphan headed household in Swaziland...  It broke my heart...  I tried to post a link to it, but the link works for a while and then just randomly switches to some other video...

But shortly after it started, Abby came over and started watching it with me...  There's English subtitles and she wanted me to read them to her...  I explained to her that these were some of the children from Swaziland, that they were like the ones I went to see...

We talked about how they didn't have a mommy or daddy...  No one to get them food...  Or cook it for them...  No one to wash their clothes...  Or help them take a bath...  Or get ready for the school in the morning...

"Mommy..."  Yes Abby?  "That's so sad..."

A few minutes later, they showed a small child walking with a bucket on his head...  "Mommy, why does he have a bucket on his head?"

"I guess he's going to get water, they don't have a sink like we have...they can't get it whenever they want, like we can..."

A short time later, the child arrived at a water source and began to fill the bucket...  "Mommy, you were right...  But the water looks so dirty."

"It is dirty, it often makes them very sick because they can't get clean water..."

She wanted to know and understand everything that was happening in the film...  "Where was their daddy?"  "Did their mommy die?"

Abby was seeing the reality of their lives and really letting it penetrate her heart and mind...  She was considering what it meant to live like they do...  She's a beautiful example of what it means to really see people...  I think sometimes we may look at things superficially but when we don't really consider what we're seeing, it doesn't penetrate our hearts and stir us into action.

At 7 years old, she gets it...  If what's happening to these children is not okay with a 7 year, how on earth can we justify or rationalize that it's ok with us?

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