Sunday, July 15, 2012

Africa: Searching For My Why!

We just arrived in Johannesburg!  Tomorrow we drive to Swaziland (CAN’T WAIT), but we have a little time before dinner.  I initially picked up my Ipod and thought a mindless game of Bejewelled Blitz might be nice…  We’ve travelled for over 24 hours and I’m tired, but I had to ask myself, is that really how I want to spend this time?!

I decided not…  I think I need to ponder a question!  On the flight, I watched a great movie called Machine Gun Preacher about a really hard man who became a Christian and went to Africa.  On his trip, he asked a soldier to take him to Sudan, right into the midst of the fighting. 

As he saw the horrors of what was happening, the soldier asked him, “Why are you here?  Is it just to get your pictures and your stories?”  There’s nothing wrong with stories or pictures, but if that’s all there is, then really…  what’s the point?  The man went on to build an orphanage right in the middle of the war torn area…  it was an inspiring story but a very realistic view of the life of the children there…  It was heart wrenching!

Well, this is my 6th trip to Swaziland and I have some great pictures and stories, but is that all there is?  It’s time to give that some serious thought!  Is it enough to come here for 10 days each year, love the people, encourage them and then leave?  What about the other 355 days? 

That’s the question I’ll be looking to answer while I’m here.  Maybe showing up and consistently loving them is enough…  Maybe encouraging them to run the race well and persevere through unimaginable struggles is exactly what my part is…  Maybe it’s an answer that’s still developing and I won’t know after this trip or even the next one…  But it’s time to open my heart and really consider why I’m here!  Stay tuned!!

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Naomi said...

Welcome Home;)!!!!

Maybe it is time for the Lord to reveal a plan so wonderful and so beyond anything you ever expected;)!!!

Praying for you!!

While you are there, if you think of our family too..... please pray!! God is moving and we might be seeing His plan unfold for our adoption!