Monday, July 16, 2012

Africa: Over The Moon!

We are finally in Swaziland!!  That moment, when I step across the border is one I always look forward to and it never disappoints…  Just as much as it tears at my heart when I step across it the other way to leave…  But that is a week away, so I don’t have to think about that right now!

Tonight, we found out what we’re going to be doing for the week and I am over the moon with excitement!  Tomorrow is a work day at Project Canaan (Heart For Africa’s 2500 acre development).  We get to meet the babies at the El Roi Baby Home and each team has a special work project.

And as excited as I am for Friday, to get back to the rural church I always serve at, I am SO excited for Wednesday!  Wednesday we get to spend the day with 2 different families in the community surrounding Project Canaan.  We will plant a garden with each family, give their children TOM’S shoes and also take them clothing and food packs.  WOW, a half day with each family just to love on them, play with them and work alongside them! 

Thursday is an ‘off’ day…  We get to go on a safari and to a very special market.  And then Friday!  Friday we spend our first day in our community!  We garden with them, play with them and if I know Pastor M…  we’ll be doing some really awesome worship (with dancing!)!! 

Saturday we spend the entire day fitting the children in the community with TOM’S shoes!  THAT is going to be an AMAZING experience!  So far one church had over 300+ children show up and another had 500+ children…  We’ll fit them, play with them, sing with them, just love on them!  This is also the day that we will get to give out the dresses I have from Dress A Girl Around the World!

Then Sunday… Sunday we actually give the children their shoes, a food pack and it’s an entire day of worship with our church! 

I can’t even begin to tell you how God is already answering prayer!  Here’s a fun one…  I’ve always wanted someone on my team who could play guitar.  Today a young man got on the bus with his guitar and I thought, “I am so jealous of the team that will have him.”  Well, he’s on my team and I hear he’s quite talented!!

But the icing on the cake is that the whole team is amazing… Of course there’s Mackenzie, her sweet gentle spirit, her smile will be a blessing to everyone and God has also blessed us with 4 other clearly amazing young people from a private school in Georgia.  Just from dinner I can already tell they are a special group of young people!  And then the icing on the icing is we also have their Bible teacher and their economics teacher!  They are funny, you can see their love for Jesus shining right through and I have no doubt they are going to immerse themselves in this week!  It’s clear from the way their students interact with them, they really are special!

God is up to something and I can’t wait to see all that He has in store for us this week!  And here’s one to close with…  If you read my post last night, I was left wondering, is it enough to come each year just for the purpose of loving and encouraging…  Tonight, as orientation opened, Jimmie (who is the stateside director of HFA) said, “We are not here to fix anything, we are just here to bring hope.”  Maybe that really is enough…  Maybe that’s all the why I need!  But I’ll keep praying and watching!


Anonymous said...

How exciting it all sounds. It also sounds as if your team is great---and your own guitarist, now who would have thought. You mentioned Rick, would that be Rick Bishop? Mackenzie must be wide eyed with wonder and amazement. Hugs to her for me. Can't wait to hear about tomorrow and all that God is up to. Love you two!

Anonymous said...

love following along and reading about your trip. Keep posting. sounds like it will be a neat week

Scott said...

Perhaps all you are is "a sweet moment in life" for them to remember the other 355 days! And by the way, you've made possible a lot of sweet moments our boys are fond of already...and I expect the same will be true for Mackenzie. Just how many lives do you think they will touch differently because of their 'few days' with those wonderful people?