Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Africa: Oh Happy Day!

So I’m not even sure to where to begin to tell about today…  There really just aren’t words to do it justice...  And yet, I think I could sum it up in one word…  JOY!!!  Pure, utter, JOY!!!  The pictures will show you what I mean!  (I have so many awesome photos of our team, but I need to ask their permission first, before I post them, because most of them are under 18...  But there's still A LOT I could post!)

I can’t possibly hit every detail, so I’ll just try and give you some highlights…  We went to 2 homesteads.  One was the grandparents and 12 (yep, TWELVE!) children!  The second one was 2 grandparents and 3 children.

At the first home (the larger one), we sat down and talked with them for a few minutes (we had a translator with us all day.)  We learned that the children are basically getting one meal a day.  Growing children…  One meal a day! 

So we planted them a garden!  I started with my gloves, but then I noticed that the gogo (grandmother) wasn’t wearing any gloves, so I took mine off.  If they can dig in the dirt with their bare hands, so can I!  I am so stinkin’ spoiled by my luxuries!

After we finished planting, we played (for a long time!)!!  Bubbles, beach ball, we just hung out with them…  And then we started to fit them with their new TOM’S shoes!!  How fun to watch 12 children get new shoes…  How AMAZING to watch high school kids, Mackenzie included, get down in the dirt and just love these children.  And they loved the gogo and the makulu (grandfather) just as well!

After new shoes, new t-shirts, new socks and beanies, M, one of the high school students got out his guitar…  What a moment to sit on grass mats and worship with this family!  Most of the family didn’t speak English but the grandfather did.  As M sat playing and singing, I heard a sound off to the side…  The grandfather was quietly singing along…  “Oh happy day…  happy day…he washed my sins away…  oh happy day…  happy day…  I will never be the same.”

But the blessings didn’t end there…  We went to the next homestead and met another amazing family!  But it was the little girl there that stole our hearts!  She was the ultimate expression of joy!  Mackenzie was completely taken with her!

Two groups of people from thousands of miles apart brought together in Africa…  Our greatest bond, we share a love for Jesus and a deep gratitude for what He did for us…  Oh Happy Day!


Terri Deal said...

Really enjoying reading your posts and sharing them with Lizzie!

Anonymous said...

Psalm 43:4 Then will I go unto the altar of God, unto God my exceeding joy: yea, upon the harp will I praise thee, O God my God.

Thank you for going unto these people. I praise our God for the unspeakable joy HE has given and that HE has poured over you!

Thanks for sharing!

Psalm 149:3-6

Love and blessings,
Peggy J.

Scott said...

Your pictures and stories brought a smile to my lips. Joy is truly evidenced there! Mackenzie's smile made my eyes moist and then I saw her dancing and the tears started falling. I pray tomorrow will bring more!