Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Catching Up...

Wow...I have a little catching up to do! After posting about our trip to Africa for a week, I've missed alot of what's been happening with the family... I think I'll let pictures tell most of the stories!

Here's a funny from Zack...the other day we were riding in the car and he was griping about his dad's choice of music, Vivaldi! He commented that he guessed it was good that they at least had music back then and all of a sudden a thought occurred to me... I said, "Zack, you do realize that Beethoven, Vivaldi, Bach...they all lived long before your dad and I were born? Right?!" His response, "Well, I thought so!" AHHHH!! We're ancient to him!

Ok, so going back to Halloween...we went to our Fall Festival at church! Of course Abby went as a princess! Nick intended to go as James Bond, but when we got to church, everyone said to him, "Oh, you must be your dad!" So much for James Bond!!


A funny picture...Abby loves popsicles, but she gets cold, so she eats them with her gloves on!


I don't think the colors have ever been more beautiful than this year...I'm so sorry that they are almost gone now, but I took this photo from our front yard... Nick laughs at me because I drive down the road marveling at the trees... I'll probably say, at least 10 times in the average car ride... "I hate to keep saying this...but the colors are just so beautiful."

Finally, the other day, he said "Mom, I don't think anyone else is driving down the road talking about the trees like you are!" It was pretty funny when my mom came to visit this weekend and one of the first things she mentioned was how beautiful the trees were driving up here!


We discovered last week that Abby LOVES to play in the leaves. We don't have any trees in our front yard, so we decided to rake the few leaves from the trees along the street, into our yard. The problem was, the rakes were locked under the house, and I didn't know the combination... These were our tools for raking! 2 brooms and a car windshield scraper...hey, at least we're creative...



The girls decided to fill Zack's shirt with leaves...


This was the result! He's really a good sport!!


Next Abby decided to write her name in leaves...she's quite creative!


Trying to learn to whistle on a blade of grass...


Our beautiful girls!!

The next day, our yard was full of the neighborhood kids and I think Abby was a little overwhelmed, she kept coming inside to see where I was, so I finally asked her if she would like to go out front and do the leaves again...BIG smile! Of course, once we got them all raked and the olther kids realized what we were doing, they wanted in on the action... But I got a few minutes of fun with Abby...Enjoy the pictures!



Big Sister...


Big Brother...(Nick wouldn't let me take his picture, I think he's like my friend's kids, to borrow her hilarious term...he has blogophobia...check out Miles and Miles to Mylei)


And finally, friends...




It's been a fun couple of weeks...Abby continues to be such a blessing to our family!


April Isaacs said...

The way you raked the leaves cracked me up! It worked though! The pictures are awesome!

Your kids looked so nice and pure compared to my kids for your fall party or trick or treat... can't remember which! Hey, they're homeschooled...we can't look like it!

And, the talking about the trees.... I hate to break it to you... it's just a sign we are getting older:) But, it's nice to appreciate God's creation... didn't so much do that when I was young...er!

Big hug!

trina said...

I love all the pictures....and I love all the colors this year!! I totally agree! Abby is such a "model" isn't she?! She's just beautiful and so happy. I'm so happy to see those smiles...and such a closeness with her sister.
I've really enjoyed your mission trip details..and how cool that you went on this trip just before going to China. HE really blessed you on your mission trip and I think prepared you for China. It's all amazing!!

Patientlywaiting said...


Love the fall leaves pictures! Abby is a natural in front of the camera! I must say that I miss seeing the trees change colors not much of that here in south Texas.

Thanks for sharing about your trip to Africa. What an awesome experience and God really did show Himself big! I am still marveling at the glasses story.


Jeff said...

Hi Sharla--

Please visit my blog post 11/12 "Adoption bulletin" for info on a radio broadcast you might be interested in. The broadcast is pretty sure to be tomorrow, 11/13 at 3 PM EST.