Monday, November 17, 2008

A Weekend of Soccer

I love going to Zack's soccer tournaments and Scott is so gracious to give me this pleasure... I admit, I should probably insist that he go, at least once in a while, but I LOVE having the time with Zack, I don't get that very often so my wonderful husband sends me off and stays behind to man the house (literally)!

Just a side note, he even cleans while I'm gone! And I'm not one of you amazing wives who has it all together and leaves the freezer fully stocked with meals, so he has to cook too! AND...drumroll...he painted Abby's fingernails (he might have a word with me for telling you that...LOL, but I thought it was so sweet!)!!

So, this weekend was Zack's first tournament with his new team. Last spring he was invited to play on his club's Premier team and I admit, I was pretty nervous about this first tournament... This is soccer at a whole new level...the kids are way bigger...and they hit HARD!

But I was so proud of Zack and several of the other young men who also moved up...they really rose to the occassion! It was a new challenge for this soccer mom's photography skills too... The action is so much faster...but by the 3rd game, I was starting to get the hang of it... So, tonight I'm just going to post some of my favorite photos from the weekend! I'll start with my favorites of Zack, but I've got to throw in some of his teammates too... They are amazing soccer players! So much fun to watch! Oh, they went 1-1-1 for the tournament, but they played great!

Tomorrow I'll tell you a story that is only possible in God's economy...when 66 really equals 68!













As an added bonus this weekend, one of the other families, who were with us in China, were at the same tournament! Their son's team won their championship! Congratulations Joel-B! Zack and I got to have dinner with them on Saturday night, it was so great to get to see them again!

See you tomorrow...


Katy said...

Fabulous pictures!! Okay, please tell me what you had your camera set on. i tried soccer pictures and they were not sharp. Kind of artsy looking actually (aka blurry!) I just can't believe my "little" soccer player is 9 and will soon be heading to be a big guy like yours. The years fly. That days not so much sometimes :-).

Denise said...

Great shots Sharla!

trina said...

Love the pictures, Sharla!! Zack is so fun to photograph on the field. You never know what jump in the air he might do. :) We had so much fun seeing you all!!

Anonymous said...

Scott Miller is more than special!!!

April Isaacs said...

LOVE, love, love the pictures!!

I will never wish Jackson little life by, but I can't wait to watch him play sports as he grows! I am perfectly content watching him at 5 years old... I just mean to watch him change and get better, etc... Oh, I am sure you know what I mean!

Going to do laundry... no kidding!! :-) Love the stomach virus!


Anonymous said...

Your photos are unbelievable. What camera do you use? Is it something that is easy to use??