Friday, February 6, 2009

Just Amazing!!

Tonight was one of those amazing moments that takes your breath away with an older child adoption...

We have been home for 6 months and tonight, when we sat down for dinner, Abby said, "I wanna say blessing!"

We bowed our heads and there was a long, silent pause... I thought, "Maybe she's not sure what to say, so I'll just give her the words." So I said, "Dear God..." And Abby said, "I do it!"

And pray she did!! I couldn't understand every word but here's what I managed... "Dear God, (he was at soccer practice) day (we're going snow tubing)...thank you for food. Amen."

Her words say it all!!

A milestone moment for a milestone post! (My 100th post!)


Chris said...

love it! you can see the "lights going on"
Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This just makes my eyes well up---to see and hear the heart of that precious child. I just about melted away sitting here reading your post, I can not imagine what it was like sitting there with her and hearing her pray to God. Oh my------

You go Abby, PRAY ON!

Love you all,

Amy said...

Thanks, it has been a long day, and I needed a smile today:)

trina said...

Me,too!! Tears! I've loved Abby day one! I knew she was so special. Joel's heart melted too when he met Abby. Yep, she said all the things that were most important...amazing. And your 100th post!!

laranou said...


Thanks for 100 posts of encouragement through all the ups and downs. Home just two weeks yesterday, life is still a lot of rough spots. However, Keziah loves to listen to music in the car so I've taken advantage of opportunities. She can't speak much English, but she sings "The B-I-B-L-E". Little seeds.

Thanks for your friendship from far away,

Anonymous said...

oh Sharla: we should all come to the Father like this beautiful example. Just simple. Thank you for sharing love ya'll - Cindy