Monday, February 2, 2009

My Boys... Hoo...Hoo...Hoo (Remember Tim Taylor? Home Improvements!)

Ok...I guess the 'Hoo...hoo...hoo' should really be my husband's line, but I'm feeling a little puffed up about our boys right now... I better be careful though, we've just been studying old King Nebudchanezzar and discussing how pride goes before the fall...but hey, I'm their mom, so if you wouldn't mind indulging me for a minute...

I'll start with Nick...

I mentioned a while back that he started a new school in January. Well, one of his friends wrestles and encouraged him to give it a try. The coach invited him to practice with the team but told him that he wouldn't be wrestling this year, since he'd never wrestled before.

Well, after just a week of practice, there was a wrestle off to see who would wrestle in a match and Nick won! The match was postponed because we had a dusting of snow, so they wrestled today.

I have never seen a wrestling match before...WOW...intense. Thankfully Nick was one of the later matches so I had a few minutes to get used to watching boys (one soon to be MY boy) getting SLAMMED to the floor...YIKES! My heart was beating so fast, my eyes were welling up...I thought, "I'm supposed to watch someone do this to my child?"

Well by the time it was Nick's turn, I was kind of getting into it, but I was so nervous for need...he won his first ever match and he's only wrestled about 3 weeks! I was quite proud of him!! Here are a few pictures (it was very dark in the gym so they're not great, but you get the idea!). Nick is the one in all navy, no white on his uniform.



He pinned him!!


Now for Zack...

This weekend was another soccer tournament. Technically, it was supposed to be friendlies (games for practice that don't count towards standings)...ha, that's an oxymoron...there's NOTHING friendly about these games. The coach from the Reston, VA team called our coach filthy names in front of his and our players and even challenged our coach to a fight in the parking lot...can we say mature...NOT!! I can't believe parents allow their children to play for a man like that... Ok, sorry, I'll get off my soapbox. I'm just thankful we have a coach that is mature enough to conduct himself like an adult and set a good example for our sons.

Well Zack had an amazing weekend of mom called him a 'freight train!' In one game, he had an assist and then scored a goal!! That's rare for a defensive back...

So here are some of my favorite photos from the weekend...they won 2 games and tied one... I love getting to spend this time with him...




The shot that scored...



And here are a few of the other players that I thought were amazing, I don't how they get so high off the ground...




The next is one of Zack's favorite teammates...he's an amazing soccer player. Unfortunately, in the last game that was so nasty, he broke his collar bone (thanks to a dirty tackle), he'll miss most of the season. The players on the other team were nasty, they reflected the character of their coach. Will parents ever learn that the sheep always look like the shepherd? It matters who's influencing our children!!


I have another story about Zack from this weekend, but I'll save it for another day... Thanks for indulging me!


Anonymous said...

Way to go Miller Boys!!!
I am so proud of you and for you!

Love you,

trina said...

You always get the most amazing pics! Tell them we are proud of them,too. Tell Nick..that we LOVE the outfit!!

Patientlywaiting said...


I grew up at wrestling matches. My brother and future brother-in-law(s) all wrestled. Now my nephews are carrying on the tradition. It makes me too nervous to watch.

Looks like a successful week of sports at the Miller house!


Cindy M said...

Those are some AMAZING action shots of soccer! LOVE THEM!