Friday, April 10, 2009

Jesus' Favorite Color? (Updated with an answer to a question - the update is in red)

It was sweet listening to Mackenzie try and explain Easter to Abby yesterday. We were on our way to church for our Maundy Thursday service, where we take time to remember Jesus' last night before His crucifixion on Friday, and Abby wanted to know why we were going to church in the middle of the week.

And once again, we found ourselves in the dilemma of explaining Jesus to a child who doesn't have a complete grasp of our language and who really has no concept of who Jesus is and what He did for us...yet.

I got tickled as I tried to listen through her ears and her little mind... (Mackenzie) "Well, we're going to church because Jesus died..." (Abby) "He died?" (Mackenzie) "He died, but then He came to life again." (Abby) "He...?" (Mackenzie) "3 days later He rose...He came to life again." (Abby) "Oh..."

You could just see the little wheels turning, trying to figure out exactly what we were talking about... I tried to explain to her that it happened 2000 years ago and that we just take time to remember because He loved us so much.

Well then we got the brilliant idea to try and explain to her about Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, how they disobeyed that caused us to be separated from Him and because He loved us so much He wanted to make a way for us to come back to Him... So Jesus allowed Himself to be killed, to take the punishment for what we did, and now someday we can go and live in heaven with Him!

Yea... a little much...but how do you explain the greatest gift in the history of mankind?! I just don't think it's something you can put into words, it's something she will come to understand, over time, in her heart.

I was a little concerned about how this conversation was going...she got really quiet for a while and then I hear, "Mommy, I think I'd like to go to heaven someday.... What do you think Jesus' favorite color is?"

I don't know why but that question has captured my heart... Jesus is becoming so real to her!

(UPDATE... My friend April asked a good question in her comment... why Abby wanted to know what Jesus' favorite color is... Abby LOVES color...she has a beautiful eye for color and it's very important to her to know what colors we like...she often asks me to choose colors that I love when she is making me a bracelet or a that's why it said to me that Jesus was becoming very real to's a question that she often asks of people who are important to her.)

Last night, Mackenzie had a friend sleepover and so I let them stay up a little later than usual... When it was time for them to go to bed, Mackenzie said, "Can I keep reading to Abby?"... "Sure...what are you reading to her?" ... "The story of Adam and Eve and now I want to read her the story of Jesus and the cross... I'm reading to her from the Rhyming Bible since it's easier to understand."

Sweet Mackenzie went back to the beginning, she took time to simplify it, even when she had a good friend over, she was concerned that Abby understand what Jesus did for us!

Happy Easter... May we all take the time to remember what Jesus did for us!


April Isaacs said...

That is the sweetest story! Mackenzie seems to have a very soft, tender, sensitive spirit. And, to take time away from her friend... what a great sister. I think Mackenzie has wisdom beyond her years... recognizing Abby's need to know Jesus is more important than anything else.

Why does she want to know Jesus favorite color?


April Isaacs said...

Ok, that answers makes me really want to cry! That is wonderful!

sierrasmom said...

Thank you for sharing this story with us. How exciting to see how Abby is learning about Jesus and his love for us!!!! How sweet that Mackenzie is helping her to understand! We are all so blessed!!! Have a wonderful Easter!!It's Sierra's first big holiday with us and I can't wait!!!
Love and hugs,

momto4girls said...

That is GREAT!
There is so much to learn from our children!

babslb said...

OH Mackenzie you are - well I am lost for words! You family is sooo blessed to have you!

Anonymous said...

Sweet, sweet Mackenzie, I can only imagine how Jesus was smiling last night as you taught Abby about Him and the greatest story ever told.
Your sweetness, tenderness,love, and yes, wisdom brings tears to my eyes.

I have been thinking about what Abby said about going to heaven, followed with the question about Jesus' favorite color---I thought she was thinking about making something to take to Him! I would not be surprised if she made something for Jesus as she does her earthly father and mother. And of course I wonder what color she would choose.

Mackenzie, you bring smiles and joy to the heart.


Shannon Seibert said...

I love Mackenzie!!! We ALL are blessed to have her in our family!

Of course I love all of you but sending extra love to Mackenzie as she beautifully reflected the heart of Easter so clearly!

Patientlywaiting said...

I love that Abby wants to know Jesus' favorite color. You are right, Jesus is becoming real to her and she is starting to understand. What a blessing to be a part of seeing her faith grow. It is special with all of our kids but this seems even more special.