Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A First... (Update at bottom of post)

Well, it has finally happened, my first call from a coach... "Mrs. M., I have your son with me, he's fine, but he's broken his collar bone."

Football practice...diving for a pass...broken collar bone... Nick's concern... he had the ball in his hands, but the impact of the landing knocked it out... BOYS!! His first question to me... "Will you still let me play football after this?"

He knows I've always been a little afraid of football (really A LOT afraid) but as Zack has gotten further along in soccer, I've realized that any sport presents plenty of opportunities for injuries, so I know I can't protect them from everything... "Of course you can still play football..."

Zack, his older brother called me and had a couple of questions too... "Did he cry?" BOYS!! "Did he catch the ball?" Men are definitely from Mars!!

So we got to the Emergency Room...had an x-ray...and then the doctor comes in... You know it's a bad sign when the doctor (who's a guy) says, "Want to see your x-ray? It's impressive!" MEN!!

I'll say... His clavicle bone is broken into 3 pieces! The middle piece has dislodged itself and is angled down, out of alignment with the other two pieces... The doctor is also concerned about how the clavicle bone appears separated from the shoulder...could mean ligament damage...

So now we wait...our friend, Dr. D., who did my knee surgery, also does shoulders... We talked to him last night and he said 99% of the time he won't do surgery, but he'll have to look at the x-ray to know for sure... I'm so praying that Nick falls into the 99%... Not sure how that works with that piece of bone out of alignment, but that would be WONDERFUL news!

I'm just thankful that my first phone call was about a broken collar bone and not a head or neck injury... But wow, it's hard to watch your children suffer... Yep, there's a BIG spiritual parallel in that one... I think I'll save that for another day though...

Quick update...the bad news is that our Dr. told his nurse, "it's not just broken, it's shattered" ...the GREAT news is that he wants to treat conservatively and see what happens...that means no surgery for now... Please pray with us that God will cause it to heal correctly and Nick can avoid surgery! He sees him at his office in the morning...

Great news too because the girls and I have a flight tomorrow to go see Abby's older foster sister from China, she was adopted at the same time as she was! They were so close and her mom and I have developed a long distance friendship... We are so excited about going! It can be so hard sometimes being torn between the needs of your children...


sierrasmom said...

Sharla as a Mom to 3 boys all who played football and one who played both football and soccer his junior and senior year, the only time we had a broken bone was in a soccer game!!! Of course David did get a mild concussion 2 years ago playing football and that was no fun!! I always figure they have a LOT of padding. Soccer is brutal too. I used to watch Tim and an oppsoing player go for a head ball at the same time and I would always hold my breath. Tim loved both sports and the school let him play both. Playing soccer helped him earn a place on the football team as the place kicker and then he played defense too. It was a lot of work and I was sooo proud of him!
Hope Nick is up and about soon.

babslb said...

Poor Nick! I pray he doesn't need surgery. Let him know Corinne can sympathize. She has broken both collar bones 2 different times in 1 year.

What I am also thinking about is how painful those practices have to be in this heat!!!

trina said...

Nick!!! What's up with that?!! We will be praying God puts all the bones back together perfectly..just the way HE made them. How exciting to see Abby's foster sister. Can't wait to hear the details.

SpruceLiving said...

Oh Nick!! How painful, but I'm like Stef...I bet the heat has been worse than that break/shatter! He's got a battle wound, now!!

Have a safe and wonderful trip! Looking forward hearing about it!

Stephanie Lee (sorry I've been a slacker keeping up with all the blogs!!)

Shannon said...

Oh Nick!!! We'll pray that he can perfectly heal without surgery! Ouch, it makes me wince just thinking about it.
Hope the girl's trip is wonderful...I'm sure it will be!
Love you all!