Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just Wondering (And A Few Photos...)

I'm at a funny place right now and I'm really wondering about the direction my blog should take... I started out writing about our adoption journey, but now that we've been home for 10 months, there just doesn't seem to be that much to write about, related to adoption.

Abby is settling in beautifully to our family...the journey is clearly not over, but the 'moments' that I loved to write about are fewer and farther between... That's a good thing though...

I can't imagine that people who don't know us are that interested in our day to day life, or even the photos that I love to take, so the question, what direction do I take with the blog?

I guess the thing I really love are the lessons that God teaches me through His word... through life...through other people. Starting in the fall, I will spend 30 weeks teaching through Revelation, so I guess I could write about something that God teaches me each week. I'm taking the summer and reading through it devotionally, and I love the truths that are so applicable to us now... You know Revelation has tremendous application to us right now, it's purpose is not to create stress and anxiety that the world is coming to an's to show us Jesus...hence the name's the Revelation of Jesus...the reigning King of Kings...Victor over sin and death!

So, if you're game, I would love to know your thoughts... Or maybe you were just here for the adoption journey and you think it's time to move on to someone else's journey, that's ok too. I'll take some time to pray over and consider any comments that you might leave and then decide...

In the meantime, my wonderful hubby gave me a dream birthday present...a Nikon D90!! In just 2 years I had already taken over 30,000 photos with my D50 and it's only rated for 20,000, I was starting to have some problems so after a TON of research, that seemed the way to go...It's really a birthday/early Christmas present...but WOW... I LOVE it!! Here are some photos from my outing to the Botanical garden on Sunday...

Botanical Garden 083

Botanical Garden 125_edited-1

Botanical Garden 084_edited-1

Botanical Garden 069

Botanical Garden 030

Botanical Garden 003_edited-1

Botanical Garden 038_edited-1


trina said...

You better not stop blogging. I actually would like to see MORE of the family stuff. It interests our family. grin! The "devotions" are wonderful that you write,too. Love hearing about Abby and how God is working in her life (and you never know when God might call you to another adoption..soon..wink!). So I would keep it the way it is but add more family. AND Alexis would love to do a photoblog for you and a navigation we can see more photos. That would be cool. Enlarging the pics on a photoblog would be great. Your pics today are amazing. Love the new camera.

sierrasmom said...

I agree with Trina. You have no clue how much your blogging has helped me in my day to day life. And your pictures!! I am sooo envious, if I could only take pictures like that!! The new camera takes wonderful pictures!!! I check in every day just to read what you have to say, ( And I have to admit you have been slacking lately!!! ha- ha)
Please don't stop.

momto4girls said...

I am one that started reading to follow your adoption journey, but I have found that I have been blessed by your whole story. Please keep blogging! Also- I am having to learn to deal with my envy and jealousy, because your pictures are so beautiful!

April Isaacs said...

First, those pictures are amazing!

Second, YOU CAN NOT QUIT blogging. Just keep writing and letting people in on your thoughts. They are inspiring. I have struggled with some of the same things... my blog's not about anything.... what should it be about?

But, I've come back to this. I love to write and I am am going to love being able to look back at my thoughts and my family and things I may never written if I didn't blog. If people don't want to read it, they don't have to.

Sharla, you are inspiring and your thoughts are deep and your relationship with God and the way you can pull out analogies are unique. People care about what you have to say and what's going on in your family... so just keep writing. You are gifted.

Lots of big hugs,
P.S. Satan would love it if you quit.

Beth said...

Hey Sharla,
I can say that so very often you blog about how God works in your life and it really stays with me. I love how you are able to put the day to day things that you experience in the context of our relationship with God. So, girl, DON'T stop! Your insights are awesome!

Beth Sewell
(Stan's wife who wishes she was going to Africa with you guys!)

Donna said...

First of all, those photos are so beautiful!

I blog as a way of keeping in touch with people who are special to me. Then I print our blog each year as a family journal. Maybe you could consider that? I find that it gives more purpose to my blogging and encourages me to keep at it.


Our blog: Double Happiness!

Anonymous said...

As I read your blog yesterday, I immediately thought about the first time I was in Swaziland, Africa and the minister said, "People do not want to read the Bible, they want to read you". (of course meaning our lives). However;people may not want to read Revelations, but they will read you and learn from your writings. I do hope you will share that with all of us.
I love ALL of the pics also.

Love you,

Denise said...

First, your pictures are just beautiful! I am wanting to upgrade, but will have to wait ahwile with all of this house stuff going on at the moment.

Second, I understand about your blogging dilemma. I will be going private soon and I really don't think that everyone will miss our day to day stuff, but you have a gift for applying God's word to our every day lives, so that is the direction you should continue to go in. Maybe some type of online devotional for us. (yes, this is all about me!) Another thought is to keep the family one, because after all, you can make blog books for the kids, but maybe start another blog specifically for your devotions, writings and such. Just a thought...I just don't want you to stop sharing your gift of writing with us my friend!

HisTaiHens said...

First, the flowers are gorgeous!!
Second, if you still a heart for adoption you could still blog about it - in a broad sense...

Next, I'm linking a blog here... It just made me think how different countries veiw adoptions and what they say do, in trying to be helpful or such - for they do not veiw adoption as we do....very interesting