Monday, June 1, 2009

Why Badminton Is Good For The Soul...

For the last few summers, badminton has become a 'thing' for our family... I think it started at a Memorial Day family reunion when cousin 'C' planned 'camp' for all of us! We had a blast and we've been playing ever since...

On Saturday night we got everything set up and then played a rematch last night... I'm thrilled to say that the 'old folks' rule!! Scott and I beat our 2 teenage sons... Yes, my pride is showing!! LOL!!

But the best part of all was the laughter... I laughed until my sides hurt and it started all over again as we looked at the photos! Here's a little what our evening looked like... Stay tuned for the end for the photo of the weekend!!

Sunday Rematch 113_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 098_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 064_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 081_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 140_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 135_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 044_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 119_edited-1

Sunday Rematch 118_edited-1

Badminton 018

Badminton 051_edited-1

Badminton 064_edited-1
(I'm itchy and I've had enough!!)

Sunday Rematch 031_edited-1

Badminton 075_edited-1

(The photo of the weekend... No, he was still playing badminton even though it looks like he was trying to swim!)

Sunday Rematch 056_edited-1

Our dog Pippin looks like Scott and I after we beat the boys!!

Sunday Rematch 150_edited-1

One last picture... it was my birthday this weekend and here is the cake that Scott and the kids made for me... I'm surprised we didn't set off the smoke alarm, they insisted on lighting ALL the candles...

Birthday, '09 095

Birthday, '09 101

It was a GREAT weekend!!


trina said...

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!!! I wish I were there to help you blow out all those candles. Love it. Love it!! And the pictures are AMAZING. I love the last swimming picture. I do believe Zach gives everything he does, his all.

sierrasmom said...

Looks like a blast!!! Happy Birthday and how come I didn't see any pictures of YOU playing badmitton?

laranou said...

You've inspired me again. You, your pictures, and Walmart...I just bought a badminton set for the family. My kiddos love to play tennis in the drive way, but my husband hates it when the ball hits the garage doors. I hate it when they chase it out in the street without looking. We already have a volleyball net for the backyard. Instant fun! They can't wait to give it a try.
Oh, and happy belated birthday!

April Isaacs said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE all the pictures! Looks like a great time. Looks like you had a very nice birthday. The cake was really cute.

Abby looks like Little Miss Attitude in that picture.