Friday, May 8, 2009

A Royal Birthday Party!!

Abby's Birthday 003

Abby's birthday party was SO much fun!! I hardly know where to begin... The girls arrived in their royal outfits and soon after the birthday feast began... Pizza, coke, cake and ice cream...just as we were finishing the cake, Sleeping Beauty called to tell me she was close by...

I snuck outside to be able to get a photo of Abby's face when she opened the door to a real live princess (Abby had no idea she was coming!)... she was completely shocked and had no idea what to do...

Abby's Birthday 009

At first she would have nothing to do with her...she hid from her...wouldn't talk to her and wouldn't participate in the bracelet making craft... When Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) started painting faces, Abby wanted nothing to do with it...she wanted everyone else to go first...

Abby's Birthday 015

And then all of a sudden, Princess A. said, "I could paint batman, pirate or prince on the boys!" Yeah right...BUT dad agreed to play along too and said he'd go first if they'd promise to go after him... How could I not be madly in love with a man who would do that for his daughter?!

Abby's Birthday 037

Abby's Birthday 041

Abby's Birthday 043

But then, how could I not be crazy proud of our two sons who played along for their little sister (They did give me permission to post these pictures! LOL!!)

Abby's Birthday 046

Abby's Birthday 051

Abby's Birthday 053_edited-1

Next was Mackenzie's turn...

Abby's Birthday 055

Abby's Birthday 059_edited-1

Then Abby finally agreed to go, if she could have a butterfly...

Abby's Birthday 063

Abby's Birthday 065

And then it was Queen Mother's turn... I had a BLAST!!

Abby's Birthday 072

Here's the whole family!

Abby's Birthday 074_edited-1

Princess A. ended the evening with lots of dancing... my face still hurts from smiling and laughing...

Abby's Birthday 085

Abby's Birthday 096

I was so proud of the older girls too...they dressed up, played along with everything and really seemed to enjoy themselves! K. and her family have been friends of ours for about 10 years, she's like another big sister for Abby and she is a really special young woman... Even though she's a teenager, she jumped right in on all the fun... Mackenzie and K... Zack and Nick... I was so proud of you touched my heart the way you jumped in and loved Abby... what a special thing you did for her!!

Abby's Birthday 132

Abby's Birthday 134

It was really interesting to me how Abby had such a hard time receiving all of the attention... She's talked about her birthday party for months, but she had such a hard time just letting go and enjoying herself...

I just couldn't stop thinking about 1 John 3:1, "How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God! And that is what we are!"

As our Heavenly Father's adopted children, He lavishes us with His love...isn't that such a GREAT word...lavish...poured out...profuse...extravagant...prodigal (Did you know that prodigal means extravagant...lavish? Think on that one for a while in connection with the prodigal son...)

I remember when I first became a Christian, an adopted child of the King, I just couldn't get how He could possibly love me so much... Even now His love just overwhelms me and sometimes it is so hard for me to really get His lavish love...

So as I watched Abby, I could identify with her struggle... Adopted as an older child, it must be hard for her to receive so much love and attention... Like me with my heavenly Father... I want it... I long for it... but sometimes it almost seems to good to be true. I think I hold Him at arm's length sometimes because I feel so undeserving and unworthy...

So today, as the party kept I pulled Abby aside and told her how special she was and daddy and I wanted to do this so she would know how special she was, I thought of my Abba Father who longs for me to know and trust His love, just like I long for Abby to know and trust our love...

As she started to let she really let herself enjoy the party that was all for her...I loved watching as freedom and joy blossomed... And that's what happens the more we trust the love of our Abba Father...abundant life...far beyond what a birthday party can offer!

What an amazing day!

Abby's Birthday 130

Abby's Birthday 112

Abby's Birthday 078_edited-1

Abby's Birthday 080

Happy Birthday sweet Abby... I'm so glad you're home this year to celebrate with your forever family who loves you lavishly!


Anonymous said...

How absolutely adorable, sweet, dear, fun, loving (lavish loving)and special.

Happy Birtyday, Abby, you are a loved girl! You are loved by many and I am one of the many.
I love you MUCH.

trina said...

I think this has to be my most favorite post. I've laughed..and cried...and laughed a lot more. What beautiful faces!! I cannot wait to show my boys this post. Grin. And Alexis...and Alaina...and Joel will all love it. Happy birthday, sweet Abby. We love you, sweet girl. I'm so happy you had such a fun birthday party. We hope to see you very, very soon. You are a princess. A child of the King.

April Isaacs said...

How fun!! What a great party you planned and made happen for Abby!

I laughed too at everyone... especially the boys getting their faces painted. Shhh..... don't tell them. And, what would a post from Sharla be without tears or at least watering eyes?

Did she talk a lot about her party when it was over?

Looks like such a great time. What a wonderful memory for Abby! Her first party in the USA!