Saturday, May 2, 2009

State Cup...Game 1...Zack is Back!!!

State Cup for soccer began today and finally Zack is back! 8 weeks out with a high ankle sprain... it's so much fun watching him play again! The team looked so much better today...we won!! 1-0 and even though it got really nasty on the field, it was so much better on the side lines... of course, I had a hard time keeping my mouth was some of the WORST refereeing I've seen in a long time!

So here are some of my favorite shots of the day... In this first one, you can see how Zack really got his hair cut...he thinks it's too short, but I really like it!


In the second 2 shots, this play made me really mad, especially after I saw the photos...look at what the other player is doing, how he wrapped his legs around Zack's leg...he could have broken Zack's leg...torn his could have been really bad...even THEIR parents were amazed at how quickly Zack got up... And to think that their coach was whining about our players... I think he needs to focus on how nasty his own team is...



The next two are R... he had an AMAZING game...if they gave MVP's for each game, it would go to him and our goalie who was incredible!!



This last one is a beautiful save by our goalie...we actually have two goalies...they have been incredible this season...


Way to go guys...great game!! Game 2 tomorrow afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

OH MI GOSH, Ohhhhhh, the audible sound that came out of my mouth when I saw that pic. of Zack and his leg between that guy's two legs! It is a miracle that Zack did not have an injury. There should be a poster made of this and what not to do, how NOT to play.
Zack, I am so thankful and grateful that you are up and running!!!
Love you,