Saturday, November 21, 2009

So What Can You Do?

A few have emailed me or commented through my posts about Swaziland, asking, "So what can we do?"  It's a hard question....there is not a single solution...a fix for any of it, it's really just a matter of walking in obedience to God.

As Ian, President of Heart For Africa told me in August, it's "obedience, just obedience."  I know that every child that Janine and Ian meet absolutely rip their hearts out...  As long as Janine has been doing this, I still watch her weep over all that she sees...  But God has given them a vision for Heart For Africa and they are walking in obedience...  They must stay focused on Him and what He's given them to do, because frankly, within a year or two, hopefully less, they will be able to help many children and families, instead of just one at the time.

Here's how...  God gave Janine and Ian a vision for purchasing land in Swaziland, it would be a miracle, since the king owns 70% of the land and there is very little available for private purchase.  But God... don't you just love those 2 words...led them to someone who was willing to sell them 2500 acres of land!!  The price was $1,000,000!  And if I've heard it once, I've heard it many, many times...  Janine and Ian believe that divine confirmation comes through God's provision..

And God confirmed this purchase in a BIG way...  Janine tells the story in her book, which will be out in February, but for now, I'll just tell you, God moved someone's heart to donate the $1,000,000!  And so it began...

When I was there in August, there was a lot of brush, a concrete floor to a building and some block walls...that was it!  And just 2 1/2 months later, 30 acres had been plowed, planted and you could see green sprouts coming up...   The building...  It was completed and being lived in!!  Things don't happen that quickly in America...they really don't happen that quickly in Africa!  God's handprint is all over this project!

Africa November 2009-112

Africa November 2009-114

Africa November 2009-115

Africa November 2009-148

The land they purchased has 3 climate zones on it...that means 3 different growing regions for all kinds of crops, cattle, chicken, a fish farm and who knows what else.  It has a waterfall and it's own water resource...  Drilling wells has been a cakewalk on this land...  Their vision is to house 1000+ children and families on this land...a medical export food business and so much more.  It has been done in Kenya by Charles Mulli and he has sent his son to Swaziland to be the overseer for this project!!  God is clearly at work...  

So, if you want to really help, go to their website, and find how God is calling you to help...  Maybe He's calling you to go...  or to knit beanies... or maybe He's blessed you and you are able to give...  But above all...  PRAY!!   

There's so many ways to get involved...  I'll list them here with the links that will take you directly to the page on their website...but go to their website and explore too...  I've been on three trips with them now...  They are the real deal...  And it is clear from the way God is blessing their efforts that they are walking in obedience to His plans...  Happy Thanksgiving cyber friends!

Ways to get involved... (Click on each one and it will take you there)


Cristy said...

Thanks so much for the links! The Lord has really prompted our hearts to be givers when a need is put before us. I am looking forward to showing my husband the links!

Tisra said...

I haven't been able to read all your posts yet about Africa, but having just come home with my daughter (adopted from the poorest state in India), I can say that I've seen some of the exact same sights in a different land. I have this precious gift of a child who is consuming my time, and she is a consistent reminder of all that I left behind in India and all that I didn't have a chance to do.