Monday, November 9, 2009

So Where Do I Begin?

I have no idea where to begin to tell this story...  Words will never do it justice, photos will fall so far short...  I'm not sure how my heart can ever be the same again, but I guess that's the point, it's not supposed to be!  God has opened my eyes and shown me things I never would have dreamed...  It's all very surreal, I feel like I need to spend days immersing myself in all that I've seen, allowing the truth of it to penetrate my heart...  I've seen sadness and despair in the eyes of children, mothers, grandmothers, and men that no one should ever have to experience...

Perhaps that is the place to start...with their faces... and then I'll tell you their stories...  But be forewarned, God holds us responsible for what we know, so if you read my stories, you will be responsible too...  And then you'll have to ask yourself, "What am I going to do?"...  "How will I reflect God's heart for mercy and justice to a dark and desperate world?"  Maybe it's not in Africa...  But it's somewhere...  Your own backyard?  Around the corner?  Down the street?  Or across the world?  But how will you answer God's call to be the church, as HE intended for us to be?

Look into their eyes though...  He IS calling you to action somewhere...  How will you respond?

Africa November 2009-14

Africa November 2009-371

Africa November 2009-309

Africa November 2009-225

Africa November 2009-219

Africa November 2009-213

Africa November 2009-74

Africa November 2009-202


Love for Lilly Yin said...

It is so sad to the windows to the heart so heavy with burden and sorrow. Oh God, please use me to help these people and do work in your name...Amen

sierrasmom said...

Thank you for sharing. Their despair is so apparent!!

babslb said...

I am anxious to read your stories. I think I am just going to have to call.

Beth Sewell said...

What beautiful, sad, telling pictures. I know that you experienced some heart wrenching sights on your trip. Please know that your sharing them inspires us all...

trina said...

What sadness in their eyes, Sharla. Can't wait to hear your story.

laranou said...

A call to action...a call to reach out...this has been a theme in my day today, Sharla. God's message to His people is timeless.

Denise said...

Our pastor spoke from Haggai on Sunday, challenging us about what our priorities were and whether we were we letting our loves be full of things that were keeping us from ministry for Him...very convicting. I have a feeling He is going to speak again to me through you~

Your TV said...

WOW!! I don't even know what to say! I'm glad you're back. I need some time to process.

The digging through the garbage dump thing... so sad. We saw the same thing when we were on a cruise and we stopped in Belize. It was sick to go back to the boat and watch how much food people ate and how much food they threw away... when there were people digging through a dump.

The problem is so overwhelming for me:-(

momto4girls said...

Very anxious to read your stories! Glad you are home safe.