Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Video From Swaziland...

While we were on our trip to Swaziland, a film crew was with us and this is a early release of some of their footage...  Breathtaking!!  It reminds me of the Brandon Heath song...  They give us God's eyes to see these children...  Would you pray with a surrendered heart (previous post) about serving in Swaziland next summer?  Click this link to find out how...  Litsemba 2010

Litsemba (Hope) from Heart for Africa on Vimeo.


Naomi said...

May I post this video on my blog? God has been so moving on the heart of my family and I would love to do a post about Heart for Africa and things the Lord has shown you. I wanted to ask permission first just to add this video, no pics but also to make mention of you and link back to your blog.

I have been so touched by all you have written!!!

Beth Sewell said...

I've just watched this video 3 times and am so deeply touched (as the tears roll down my face...again). Thanks so much for posting it. I would love nothing better than for our family to serve in Swaziland next summer...

God Bless,