Sunday, February 6, 2011

Nuture or Nature?

Warning...  if you have a weak stomach, this might gross you out a little (it did me!!)

Our dinner conversation last night...  (Nick is wrestling these days and ring worm is apparently a big problem among wrestlers..)

Me to my husband...  "Did Nick tell you how he got rid of his latest case of ringworm?" 

Scott...  "No..."

Nick...  "I took a knife, scraped it off and then put Clorox on it." 

(My unspoken thoughts...OUCH!!  Are you CRAZY?  Surely Scott is going to reprimand him and tell him not to do that again...  NOT!)

Scott...  "Why didn't you just shave it off with a razor."

Nick...  "I tried that first but it wouldn't get up under it."

Scott...  "Oh okay..."  (Translation... "Sure Nick, that makes total sense.")

I thought when the movie Rambo came out years ago that it was a bit far fetched...  Not so much anymore...  Nick has said that when he gets older he might just live in a tent in the woods and catch his own food (or eat tree bark!)  

He was thrilled when we came home from our anniversary weekend and (as a joke) brought him bacon and cheese flavored crickets!

So regarding the age old question, 'nurture or nature?'   This one definitely goes to nature...  I can assure you, I did NOTHING to nurture these Grizzly Adam's characteristics (and other than an occasional...  and I mean RARE... camping trip, neither did his dad)!

Kids...  they keep life interesting!!

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Oh my, Oh my, Oh my-----YUK!