Friday, February 11, 2011

She Can Sure Ask Some Questions!

Last week I had quite a few errands to run so I invited Abby to tag along (instead of hanging out with her older brother all afternoon)...  I've learned over the years that car time = talk time and WOW did Abby want to talk!  And what a wonderful conversation it was!!

The conversation started like this...

Abby - "Mommy, how do people know God?"
Me - "How do you mean?"
A - "Like the people who wrote the Bible, how did they know God?"

By this point I'm sending out a heavenly call for help...  How on earth do I answer these questions?!

Romans 1 first came to mind, so I talked to her about how God is visible in creation and that often God will use creation to cause people to start asking questions...  But then, many times, He will send someone to tell others about Him...

And then it hit me and I said, "Abby, did you know about God in China?"  "No, I never heard of Him."  "Abby, think about that...  God loves you SO much, He thought you are so special and He wanted you know Him so much that He picked us, on the opposite side of the world, to come and be your family so you could know Him too..."  I wish you could have seen the smile on her face as she thought about that!!

From there we talked about Adam and Eve, their first sin in the garden, and why Jesus had to die on the cross...  At one point she asked, "If Mary was Jesus' mommy, does that mean God was married to Mary?"  (Where on earth does she get these questions?!)  "Well, not exactly..."  And then I LOVED her response, "But I thought if Mary was His mommy and God was His daddy, then God would have to be married to Mary."  (At least she has the order of things correct!!)  I admit, I didn't find a simple way to explain that one, but we had a great conversation about faith...

We talked about how God gives us so much evidence of Him in so many things to help grow our faith so that when we come up against hard things to understand, we can trust Him and believe Him for the hard things... 

It was a wonderful afternoon and 4 1/2 hours later (I thought she would have been SO bored!)...  She said, "Mommy, I really enjoyed spending time with you...  I like talking to you!"  Talk about melting a heart...  Complete puddle!!

I'm still in awe at all that God has done in her sweet little heart in just 2 1/2 years...  Talk about a faith builder!!  Adoption is a WONDERFUL journey...  even the hard parts!!


babslb said...

Love reading that story

Anonymous said...

I have loved telling this story. Whew, Abby's Sunday school teacher is gonna have her work cut out for her as time goes on. Her thought process is fascinating----surely do love her.