Monday, February 14, 2011

A Sweet Valentine's Day!!

Today was a REALLY special day... It started with my wonderful husband surprising me with lunch and flowers...  He came home from work with one of my favorite treats...  Summer sausage and cheese, flowers and a really special card!

Then, this evening we (Scott and I, with Mackenzie and Abby and our good friend's daughter, K) went down and served dinner to the men at one of the rehab facilities in our city...  I've written about it before, but essentially they are a facility for men who are fighting addictions. 

This was the first time we took Abby and Mackenzie and I admit, I was a little unsure...  They both tend to be shy in new situations and I had no idea how they would respond in this one.  So yesterday, when I was explaining to them what we were going to do, I said, "Abby, remember how I told you that you are SO special that God sent us all the way across the world so you could know Him?  Well, He thinks these men are SO special that He wants us to go serve them dinner so He can show them how much He loves them!" 

That was all it took...  They were AMAZING tonight...  They smiled...  they served them dessert and interacted with them and as we finished serving dinner, I have never been so proud!  I looked over and all of the girls (another family was there with their teenage daughter) had gone over and sat down with one of the men that was sitting by himself.

They talked to him, they listened to his stories and it's clear that they were deeply affected by all he had been through...  They've already asked when we can go back!

I wrote once about Africa that it is so hard to leave because the spirit of God is almost tangible...  That's because I believe that God always shows up where people are desperate for Him... 

Well, I realized tonight that His Spirit is just as tangible in an American city in a dining room with 100+ broken men... It's evident in the people who are there to volunteer... It's evident in the employees...  Tonight, it was evident in an 8 year old girl, who God brought across the world, to show these men just how much He loves them!  Once again, I learned that God shows up in the places where people are most desperate for Him!

I can't think of any greater privilege or blessing than GETTING to show God's love on Valentine's day!  Like the girls, I CAN'T wait to go back!

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