Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Secret to Success & Happiness (According to Nick!)

So maybe Happy of the Seven Dwarfs was on to something...

Nick is an exceptionally smart child (we have the IQ test to prove it), but he struggles with attention and so it makes school a bit of a challenge.  But lately, Nick has been making drastic improvements in school!  I am getting positive e-mails from his teachers, his grades are coming up, his attitude is more positive.

On the way home from school today, I asked him, "Nick, what's different?  What has changed to bring about this improvement?"

I thought for sure he would say something like, "Mom, your encouragement has paid off..."  Or maybe, "Because you kept fighting for me and never gave up."  Maybe even break into "The Wind Beneath My Wings..." (I AM kidding...  sort of!)

But guess what he said...  Are you ready for this?  He didn't miss a beat...  He said, "I started whistling.  Whistling makes me happy!" 

Yep...  You read it here first...  The secret to success and happiness...  'Just whistle while you work!'  According to Nick, it doesn't even have to be a tune, just whistle.

He laughed at me the rest of the way home because as hard as I tried...  I can't whistle!!

I love that kid!!


Anonymous said...

How can you not love that boy----!!!
I have been whistling since I read this (yes, I can whistle) and I smile the whole time thinking of Nick.

Cammie Howard said...

I love it!! Any kid that says something like that has got to be an awesome kid!! You can't whistle? (-: