Friday, July 10, 2009

But We Need...

So now that I'm over being mad at the rain (I followed Donna's suggestion and listened to my IPOD in my red taxi today!!) I'll tell you a quick story from the night before last...

I forget why we were so late getting ready for bed, but I sent the girls upstairs, finished whatever I was doing and was getting ready to go tuck them in when Abby peaks through the stair railings and says, "You coming upstairs? We need our hugs!" Yep, you read that right... Abby...the one who has resisted hugs since day 1 said, "We need our hugs!"

I smiled and said, "Oh really, you need your hugs?" To which she grinned and said, "I just kidding." No you weren't sweet one... In the moment, you let your guard down and gave me a glimpse of what's really growing in your heart!! Now that will hold me for a LONG time!!


Donna said...

So, what's on your iPod?

Our 2nd daughter resisted hugs and snuggles too. Now she eats it all up. After a brief adjustment period, I just started violating her personal space (as much as a 2 year old has) and eventually she started craving the affection I was forcing up on her. Three years later, she's the biggest snuggle bunny in the family!


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Anonymous said...

WHOOO HOOO!! That's sad that she is afraid to say what she really wants but so fun to watch her grow. From the outside anyway, I know it's not always fun for you:-)

I'll take a hug!
Hugs back,

laranou said...

Rejoicing with you!