Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Super Fun Girls Road Trip!!

Ok, I think I'm a country girl at heart... I could move to R's neck of the woods on a moment's notice! It's ideal and beautiful!! Corn and wheat fields...rivers...local fairs...cotton candy...truck pulls (yep, you read that right)...a mule to ride...great cities not too far away...and AWESOME thunderstorms...I could go on and on...

We left last Wednesday to visit Abby's older foster sister from China... It was the first time the girls had seen each other in a year and we were so excited. Abby was a little unsure of what to do at first, but it didn't take too long for them to slip back into their sweet relationship! Penny has 3 other sisters, adopted from China also, and all the girls got along so great!

The photos really tell the story, but there are so many of them... I'm working with Alexis on a new blog and photo blog (thanks to some wonderful suggestions by some of you), so in the next week or so, we'll have that up and running and I'll post more of the photos...but until them, I'll overwhelm you with some of my favorites from each of our outings...

I'll start with a photo of Penny and Abby, from our trip to the river front...

Abby & Penny River2

Sad faces from a bowling trip that didn't work out...both bowling alleys were closed!

BA Doors

B1 Addie & Kate

A stop at R's sister who has goats... I love this photo, it's going to eventually get a post all to'll just have to wonder and wait!

Goat Fence 2

The girls putting their hands in the cows mouth! YUK...ok, the city girl in me screamed..."No Way!"

Mackenzie & Cow

A detour by the windfarm... How cool is this?!


Then a trip IN the mule (I thought R. wanted me to ride ON a mule) to see the landscape... Just Stunning!

Their red barn...


A beautiful field...


Sunsets that will take your breath away...



A sweet moment with mommy and her precious little one...

Addie & Ruthi1

Isn't she beautiful?!


A trip to the river...


K....just too hot...seeking shade!

Kate At Tree

Next was the carnival...


MVP In Motion

Ruthi in Motion

Sticky fingers from cotton candy!!

Abby Carousel

We did get to bowl...cosmic bowling...we had a blast...

Upside Down Bowling

And we made chinese pork dumplings in the midst of a crazy storm...


I have so many photos that I'd love to share, but this post is getting WAY too long... I'll do another post on some candids that I took...I tried a new technique that I love! I've also got some more posed photos of the girls that I'll save for another day...

But for now, I'll post some of my favorites that really grabbed my heart! (A...was earlier with her mom and Abby was just not cooperating in the photo department!)

A baby robin on the clothes line...

Baby Robin3

Beautiful...sweet K...

Kate Cropped

And V...

Vicky Flowers

Vicky Flowers2

And Penny...

Penny & Kate Flowers

Penny Tree

And Mackenzie...

Mackenzie Flowers

Mackenzie Sitting2

Here's one of all the girls...

Girls Tree3

And here's my favorite of Abby and Penny... I love those candid moments!!

Abby Penny Favorite

Thanks for hanging in there with me! It was such a great time...Thank you R & C for your incredible generosity! It was such a blessing to spend time with you at your beautiful home in your amazing state!


trina said...

Awww...sweet,sweet pictures! It's so wonderful they get to spend time together. Beautiful girls!

Chris said...

With your list of things you found I thought it must have been PA, but the land is WAY too flat.
Beautiful pictures BTW

sierrasmom said...

Sharla. I'm so glad you got to take this trip. What amazing pictures. Will you give me lessons!!! PLEASE!!!

April Isaacs said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! So good for Abby to be able to see her foster sister!

I loved all the pictures!
Hugs, April

P.S I have read all your posts but I am so behind making comments... oops!