Friday, July 3, 2009

"Clandestine Hip Shot..." Candids from Road Trip

So I said in my last post that I had learned a new technique for taking photos. I stumbled across this blog post, from a safari photographer, Roger Moore (his work is beautiful!)... He calls it the "Clandestine Hip Shot"...

I've always wondered how to get really great people shots of strangers, without being obnoxious and intrusive, or how to not spoil the moment with kids by pulling my camera to my face... this is the answer and I LOVE the look of them (I realize that may be personal preference), but they have movement and interest, more photojournalistic in their look... And it gives you a whole different perspective...

I also ordered his camera strap and made an adjustment to it, so it would feel more secure, if you're interested, just leave me a comment and I'll tell you what I did... But it will be the all-time strap for my camera... Much more flexibility and so much easier to use and carry my camera...

So here are the candids that I got using the "Clandestine Hip Shot"... I then had a lot of fun post-processing them in Lightroom 2... What an AWESOME program, I'm totally HOOKED!! I need to practice some more, some of them aren't focused like I'd like... I shot in aperture priority, so I think I need to increase my aperture setting so more of the picture is sharper...

Abby & Vicky Outside BA

B1 Addie & Kate

Addie2 Sad Bowling

Kate Sad Bowling


For these next two, I reached my camera across the fence... It's amazing what you can get when you learn to see what the camera sees... (I have a lot to learn!!)


Kids Horse 2

Back to the hip shots...

Barn Area

Kids & Dog

Kate Barn

Mack & Kate River

Abby Walking

Abby Walking2

Girls On Street

Girls Hanging Around

I'm sorry this one didn't turn out better, but I love the feel of it... It would have been my favorite if it had been sharper... Oh well, still learning...


A few more...




This last photo was from a baseball game when Abby was hot and tired and did not want me taking her photo...

Lake & Baseball 051

So you can crop these in...leave them at the wide angle, you could even them straighten them out, but I really love this new technique... I think it will be great for Africa...


sierrasmom said...

I love it all. Just checked out his website, very cool ideas. I love the pictures of the dog. We have an Australian Shepherd also.
What a ebautiful areaa. We live infront of a big cornfield and it makes the settings for some great photos!!!

April Isaacs said...

Again, such great pictures!

I am so glad you are still blogging:-)