Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Gotcha Day... One Year Ago Today!!

It's hard to believe that it has been one year since we met Abby... I will never forget that day and the days...weeks...months that followed. That one step of faith has blessed our lives in ways we never dreamed possible. Here is a summary of the year in pictures...

Meeting Abby... So sad, it was just heartbreaking...





First Smile... And what a beautiful smile it was!!


First Poundcake!!



First Bike (Thank you Mr and Mrs. G!!)


I just love this photo!!


First day of school...


Taking pictures at her first soccer game...


At the Apple Orchard...


First Lost Tooth...


Playing in the leaves...


First Gingerbread House...


First Christmas Morning...


"Baby Jesus Cold..."


Celebrating Our First Chinese New Year...


First Birthday Party...

Abby's Birthday 065

First Reunion with Penny (her foster sister)

Abby Penny Favorite

Photos In The Garden... (I'll post more of these on my photo blog)

Abby 6

Isn't she beautiful!

Abby - Hydrangeas

What an amazing year! She is such a blessing to our family and I'm so thankful that one year ago today, God moved mountains to bring her into our lives. Happy Gotcha Day Sweet Abby, I'm so glad you're a part of our Forever Family! We love you!!


Patientlywaiting said...

Happy Gotcha Day sweet Abby! We are so glad we got to share our time in China with you. It has been fun following your journey after we all returned home. God has big plans for you Abby, we can't wait to watch it all unfold!


Michelle said...

congratulations!! :) :)

Anonymous said...

Sweet Abby,
Oh, how you are loved---I smile thru some tears as I think of one year ago today. So many fond memories during the past year with you, but perhaps the one that touched me the most was very early Christmas morning when I looked @ the manager scene and saw you had put a blanket of cotton over Baby Jesus because "Baby Jesus Cold". How Jesus must have smiled----
You bring joy,blessings, spice, fun,pleasure, and happiness to my life, and I am blessed to call you my granddaughter.
I love you and I send you a BEAR Hug----GRRRRRRRR

babslb said...

Happy Gotcha day! It seems like so it was so long ago that we watched your family grow to 4 kiddo's. We are so lucky to have Abby in our family! love brook and Stefanie

Donna said...

Those first two photos actually made a tear spill down my cheek. But I was smiling by the time I reached the end of those BEAUTIFUL photos! What a happy precious little girl! (loved the baby Jesus being cold pic).

Happy 1st Gotchaversary. We're gearing up for #3 and #4 in just a few weeks! Time sure does fly!

Our Blog: Double Happiness!

Denise said...

What a beautiful trip down memory lane...has it really been a year?

Happy 1 year to all of you! Sharla, I know this year has been filled with ups and downs, but the blessings far outweigh the struggles...love you girl~

momto4girls said...

WOW! Just look at how she has blossomed! Happy Gotcha Day! Thanks for letting us follow along.
God is soooo good!


The Ferrill's said...

Hey Sharla!
I've been checking in from time to time and thinking about you!
Happy one year Gotcha! She has transformed into quite a beautiful butterfly! Isn't it amazing what the love of Christ does for these children??????????
I love all her firsts! What a happy post!
We are doing Genesis in CBS this year...we start back in Sept. How 'bout yall? ;)

sierrasmom said...

Happy Gotcha Day. I remember so well when you all traveled. I also fell in love with Abby when I saw her picture on the Agency list. It is such a blessing to me to be able to watch her grow and blossom. Thank you Sharla for sharing it with us. Tomorrow is6 months since we arrived home with Sierra and her 1/2 birthday!!!
Hugs and Love

Jeff said...

Congratulations on your one year anniversary. Time does fly, doesn't it? We just passed our one year anniversary, as well. My life doesn't allow much time for blogging, lately, but I still check in every now and then. You have a beautiful family. (loved the pocket T tribute, too!)


April Isaacs said...

I am so glad I have been able to join you on this journey. I will NEVER EVER forget reading and watching you get Abby.

I still so so wish we could have traveled together!


Mike and Barb said...

Beautiful post!
Congratulations on your one year anniversary.
Thank you for your transparency through this process. It has been such a blessing to me.