Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Guess What?!

(Didn't she do an AWESOME job?!!! I LOVED working with Alexis... I so enjoy being able to express my creativity and Alexis was wonderful to let me play and design my own headers...

But after that, I didn't have a clue what to do. She had so many wonderful ideas, like the navigation bar, under the header... Linking my photoblog from the navigation bar and having it open in a separate window... And so much more... She knows her stuff!! And I'm doubly impressed...she's a beautiful teenager using her gifts and talents to raise money to go on mission trips and sponsor orphans!

I had the wonderful blessing of traveling with her family, when we adopted Abby, and then we got to visit with them last fall... If you're in need of some blog design services, please be sure to check with Alexis!)

I'm getting a new look... Well, my blog is anyway! At any moment you could stop by tonight and Alexis will have it all fixed up!! I loved my old look, but you know, when I came home from China last year, I was feeling very sentimental and emotional and what I wanted at the time was far more cutesy than I really am... Carla did a BEAUTIFUL job designing exactly what I asked her to...

But, now that all those new adoptive mom hormones have stopped raging, the season of sentimental is past... life is back to normal (I realize that's relative) and I've worked really hard with Alexis to design a blog that really looks like me!

Funny, it must be a season of change... We rearranged our family room this week and I LOVE it. What took us so long?

So, thank you to all of you who encouraged me to keep blogging! I really do love it!! One cool new feature was an idea from Trina, Alexis' mom... She suggested a photo blog, so when you click on the photography tab, on the newly designed blog, it will take you to a whole new blog for photography! There won't be much there yet, but I'm working on it!!

So thank you Alexis... You were WONDERFUL to work with... You did a GREAT job!!


Chris said...

I like it. Must be the time of the year, I'm trying to rearrange our bedroom, but there is just no room so I settling for chasing dust bunnies (how did so many live in there?)

Donna said...

Nice! I like the brown and blue together.

Our blog: Double Happiness!

April Isaacs said...

I LOVE IT!! Yea! Now I know for sure you're going to keep blogging! I may even have to copy some day!

Big Hugs,