Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun Photos

Just thought it would be fun to post a few photos (well...alot) and a few short (I promise) stories from the past few days...

We didn't get to celebrate Zack's birthday on Friday (soccer practice, imagine that) but the girls and I had fun making him a pound cake for his birthday. Saturday night we celebrated with his requested Tony's Pizza and poundcake and ice cream.

The sweetest moment though was when I went to take a picture of Zack with his new stereo gaming chair, I asked Abby to move so I could just get Zack in the picture...he said, "Mom, it's ok...she was the best birthday present anyway!"


These are the pictures of his birthday and then the girls cleaning up after baking the cake!

These girls love popcorn...the photos tell the story!

Next are some funny pictures of when Abby insisted that daddy try on her new green t-shirt that she got at Kindergarten...when he couldn't do it himself, she decided that she would be more successful! Scott stood up with hunched shoulders bulging out of this green t-shirt and all I could think of was the Incredible Hulk!

I never cease to be amazed how God has selected the perfect child for our family! She is so adaptable! We were careful in the first few weeks home to keep life really simple, but when school started, simplicity was GONE!!
In the days when we waited to bring her home, I would often wonder how she would do at Zack's soccer games...she does great...she plays with Nick and Mackenzie, or our friend's kids, Tyler and Trey or she reads her book...she is appropriately social and friendly...she is transitioning so beautifully. Today was a rainy day and I just couldn't resist these shots of the girls...following are a few photos of Zack's first soccer games and stay tuned for the very last's got a great story!

This last story touched my heart in a really special way...Abby loves to listen to Mackenzie's shuffle ipod! She loved listening with the boys in China and she was thrilled when we got home and we offered her Mackenzie's old one (Mackenzie had saved her money to buy a new one!)...Anyway, all of the music on the Ipod is basically children's praise and worship and Jump 5... And she loves to walk around singing to the music...we can't understand what she's saying...but she sings anyway!
When we first brought Abby home and the communication barrier seemed insurmountable...I thought many times, how will we ever teach her the name of Jesus? She can't see Him...she has no context for who He is...
Well, the other night as we were driving home, Abby was listening to her Ipod and all of a sudden, I realized that she was actually saying I kept listening...over and over, she was saying 'Jesus!' I know she doesn't understand who He is yet...but His name is known. God can use anything or anyone to make the name of His Son known...even an IPOD...
I caught this picture the other night of her singing!

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trina said...

The green shirt is way too funny!! Sweet girl singing. She will understand soon...I just know it!