Friday, September 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Zack!!

It's hard to believe (he'll kill me for saying this) but my baby is 15 years old...I'm seriously thinking about taking out an ad in our community newspaper to warn everyone when he starts Driver's Ed!

Zack is an amazing young man! High on his list of 'loves' to do is soccer...that's why I decided to post only soccer photos! But the thing that is so special about Zack, is he likes his family! He likes to hang out with us...go Blokus...he will even challenge his brother to a game of Chinese Chess from time to time.

Not long ago, he said ''Mom, I don't understand why some of my teachers and some of my friends tell me I will eventually 'hate' my parents.... I like hanging out with my family." (I want to know what kind of teacher would say something like that?)

The other day, he plugged in his IPOD to the car stereo and wanted me to listen to a couple of songs... He wanted to know if I thought they were Christian songs or not? I guessed they probably were, but they were heavy metal Christian songs...I actually liked them though! And when I could understand the words, I liked their message too!

But what impressed me was when he started telling me that his soccer buddies were surprised that it is was Christian music. I said, " had a conversation with your teammates about Christian music?" He said, "Mom, I don't keep that kind of thing a secret!"

I know some people have a problem with Christian 'rock' music, because honestly, it does sound just like regular rock music...but here's the thing...if kids are listening to Switchfoot, Reliant K and some of the real heavy rockers that Zack does, then at least they're hearing the gospel message! God's word never comes back void...even if it's sung to heavy metal guitars! And look at what a great door it opened for him with his friends!

I am so proud of the person that Zack has and is growing into...

Happy Birthday Zack! I am so blessed to be your mother!

I love you!!


Sammye said...

I could not agree with your Mom more here in her blog. I tried to call you today to say Happy Birthday. I do remember so well the day you were born and how excited we all were. Uncle Steve and I were thrilled mostly because we knew what joy was coming into your Mom and Dad's life. There is nothing more wonderful than a child because through them you see life in Technicolor. You have added to all our lives in a grand way. You remind us that a real man takes time for the youngest, the oldest and the forgotten and makes their day better in some way. You may be much younger than me but I look up to you for more reasons than your height. Happy Birthday!!!!
I Love You,
Aunt Sammye

Shannon Seibert said...

Happy Birthday Zack!!!

My favorite Zack story when you were a little boy is when you would walk into a room and announce "Here I Am!!". It was all of us were just sitting around waiting for you to show up! Well, God knew the world and your family were waiting for Zack Miller. I'm so blessed I get to be part of that family!

BTW......I LOOOOVE the heavier Christian sound and I'm even "old". Love Switchfoot, Reliant K, Lifehouse, Toby Mac!

Happy birthday!!!

trina said...

Happy Birthday, Zack!! I LOVE all the great soccer photos. The boys will get a "kick" out of seeing those. :) Hope your day was wonderful!!