Friday, September 26, 2008

I Love You Loud!

I am somewhere else in the south (besides home) with the girls...we're having a girl's weekend with my mom, but we came specifically to see my grandmother who is...well, just suffice it to say, 'you wouldn't believe me if I told you her age when you see her picture' I'll just tell you, it won't be too much longer until she's seen a century of years! She's in amazing health, but still, I wanted to be absolutely certain that Abby met her great-grandmother. So we braved the gasoline shortage, and drove to see her (for those of you not in the's CRAZY here!).

It was a wonderful day... I had to post the first picture of me with Abby, simply because she asked for this picture! I had been taking quite a few photos, had finally put the camera down and Abby pointed to me and said, "Picture mommy." I said, "You mean with me?" (She's NEVER asked for a picture with me) and she said, "Yes, picture mommy!" And she crawled up into my lap for a picture! Remember the last time you saw us in a chair together, she was sitting on me!

Me with the girls! (She's still on my lap!)

Abby, Me, Mama H.(great grandmother), Noba (grandmother) & Mackenzie

The girls with Uncle F. & Aunt J.

Uncle F. gave her her first ever money!

When it was time to go, Abby had a big hug for Mama H. and I whispered over Mama H.'s head, tell her "I love you." Well, Abby is a bit soft-spoken and Mama H. doesn't hear like she used to, so she had to tell her a few times...about 10...finally I said, "Abby, tell her I love you loud." Abby looked up at Mama H. and said, "I love you loud!"

From the mouths of babes... I have been so blessed to be surrounded by people in my life who have 'loved me loud'!! My husband and children, my mom, and the people you see in these photos... Mama H., Uncle F. and Aunt J... There are many more that I will get to tell you about over time... but the one who is noticably absent from these photos is my Pop...he was married to Mama about someone who could love loud...that was Pop! He went to be with Jesus over 9 years ago, but I always miss him...he should be in these pictures too...he would have LOVED Abby loud! I'm so thankful to still have Uncle F, Aunt J and Mama H...they loved her very loud today and they didn't even need their was written all over their faces!

Mama H., Uncle F and Aunt J...I love you LOUD!


Shannon Seibert said...

Wonderful photos...wonderful visit. I just miss ALL of you so much...achingly missing all of you. I love you LOUD too! BTW, I miss Pop so much too and we just studied "his verse" at CBS last week.

April Isaacs said...

I AM LAUGHING OUT LOUD!! I love it!! Great pictures!! Have a great weekend!