Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fun Photos

I have a lot friends who do a wordless Wednesday photo... I have a huge amount of admiration for their restraint...wordless? I'm not sure I know the definition of that one!

So, here goes with some fun photos from the last few days...please note that Mackenzie is missing because she was at her friend's house. I've been trying to make sure she gets some big girl play time by herself... Scott, bless his heart, has been making sure that I also get some "big girl" time to myself...He's amazing!

The other day I posted about being jealous (see Saturday's post)... Now you can see why! LOL!! She cuddles in her daddy's lap...she SITS on me!!

I had some really cool face shots, so I thought I'd do a few faces of... (this was when Mackenzie was at her friend's...)

Faces of Zack

Faces of Nick

The MANY Faces of Abby

Her First Front Yard Football Game

Her First Lost Tooth
(I asked her, "Abby did it fall out?" She shook her head "No" and showed me how she pulled it out! She's quite proud of it!)
I admit, I love the "firsts" they are so much fun...the first cotton candy...the first snow cone...the other day we were in line at Walmart and they had PEZ candy...another fun first (hmmm...there is a VERY unhealthy theme developing here)...but then there was her first swim...her first ride on the scooter...her first day at church...her first time in Sunday School...her first 'big brother' soccer game... I am so thankful to have this second chance...I have taken FAR too much for granted in life! And a few I can't wait for...her first swing on the tire swing at Grandpa John's and Grandma Cathy's...or her first ride on their go-karts...or her first game of checkers with PawPaw...still so much to come!

Playing With Big Brother Nick

Playing With Big Brother Zack

Look at her little face in this shot! I love that I captured this because it is such a picture of the determination and passion with which she lives life! She approaches everything like this!
Scott was so discerning the first day we met her, he wrote this on our Travel Website..."As our guide Michael gently queried her in Chinese she was so stoic that it almost hurt to look. Not really a hardness, toughness, or even defiance but more of a determination that she was going to make it through..."

And then finally the closing shot...she loves for me to take her picture...she will often come to me, make the motion for taking a picture and say "picture." That's why there's so many more photos of Abby, she is a much more willing subject than her camera shy older sister and brothers... I have to BEG them for pictures many times!
Anyway, when she has had her fill, I couldn't get another get another picture out of her, even if I promised icecream... I was so tickled at her the other day though... She was sitting on her ball and I turned to make her picture, she got up, picked up her ball and went across to the neighbor's yard and sat back down...the look says, "Enough already!"

She is truly a child with a mind of her own! I LOVE that about her!

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Anonymous said...

I love the pics., but what GM would not???

Scott was "right on" that first day in his assessment of her determination.

What you capture in their faces with your camera is priceless.

Love you all,