Thursday, October 23, 2008

Confessions of a Mama Bear...

Something hit me tonight as I was sitting at my son’s soccer game, I do a great job controlling my tongue until the Mama Bear in me gets stirred up…then, offender beware!

It started when Nick was in 4th grade and his teacher let him put his Lego Lighthouse, that he had built for a project, into his backpack. He walked in, with tears in his eyes, because it was crushed. Her excuse, “well, he wanted to take it home.” I’m sorry, who’s the adult here? Nick is a very literal child, so when she made the announcement that they needed to take their projects home, it never occurred to him to ask if he could wait so I could come and get it…
(pretty impressive!)
Another thing that gets me riled is things like Victoria Secrets and their sleazy window displays in the mall, I had a couple of editorials published in our local papers about this one. I realize I can’t protect our sons from everything, but I don’t have to knowingly expose them either…the mall has lost A LOT of my business because I refuse to take them there.

And, I contacted Mentos one time because of a commercial they ran about a young girl who had a boy in her room while her parents were gone…she ate a Mentos and got the idea to dress him in a robe, wrap his head in a towel and put a facial on him, to deceive her mother. Great example for young people…NOT!

But the other place, that really gets me going is the soccer field…ugh…this Mama Bear is a stereotypical soccer mom too!

Last year I learned to chew gum during all of his soccer games to help me remember to keep my mouth closed…kind of my own take on “putting a watchman over my lips.”

Today was really hard though and unfortunately, I forgot my gum… It was Zack’s last game of the high school season, they were playing their biggest rivalry and they were up 1-0… Long story, but we didn’t have a goalie. The young man playing goal was doing an awesome job, but the coach just couldn’t leave well enough alone… And before we knew it, he was putting Zack in goal.

Now, Zack is a great soccer player, but he is NOT a goalie! They scored two goals on him, back to back and they lost the game 1-2…it was heartbreaking and I know, totally humiliating for Zack. Unfortunately, I had a few, not so respectful or gracious words to say about the coach to my friend (no cursing, just very disrespectful…as if that’s any better).

I’ve decided that living the Christian life can be VERY hard sometime! I know better than to run off at the mouth…from the overflow of the heart, come the words of the mouth (apparently there’s still some rotten stuff lurking in the recesses of my heart)… But what makes it worse is that when I do that, I don’t look any different than the rest of the world…this little light fades into the darkness…YUCK!

We’ve been studying 1 Peter in CBS and 1 Peter 2:17 says, “Show proper respect for everyone…” UGH…everyone… even coaches who are human and make bad decisions!

I think it’s time for this Mama Bear to go into hibernation and let the “unfading beauty of a quiet and gentle spirit,” (1 Peter 3:4) be the thing that shines in stressful situations involving our children.


Truly Blessed! said...

Oh, I'm with you on the Victoria's Secret thing (and Abercrombie, for that matter)...

Here's what gets me: the girls at the high school who dress completely inappropriately (more like they are shrink wrapped each morning before school) with words on their chests -- in too tight shirts -- and words on their butts -- in too tight and too short shorts, and then they sashay into class and sit down next to the poor boys whose eyes are popping out of their heads at this point. How in the world is MY son supposed to concentrate on physics/government/history/English/science? And what about the poor male teachers -- where in the world do they let their eyes land?

Oh, I'm a mama bear alright. Some parents of teenage girls should be held accountable for their daughter's dress (and don't even get me started on the "uniforms" worn by the girls' sports teams at the high school -- why do you need to wear a bikini to play volleyball indoors? And if it's because the clothing gets in the way, how come the boys basketball players don't have problems with the yards of material they run down the court wearing, with the extra fabric ballooning out behind them? Unbelievable).

Sorry about my long winded response!

Sharla said...

I don't usually comment on my own blog...but Truly Blessed deserves an AMEN! You go girl, I'm right there with you!!

Anonymous said...

o.k. Mamma BEar..I ditto the other's comments, but I am going to ask you a question. Haven't you learned that the devil lives at the ballpark? You know he does. My walk was tested and re-tested so many thimes during the years that the boys played sports. I mostly failed the tests, but there were some real victories on the field and off. The unfairness from silly coaches did not negatively affect the boys near as much as me. Thank you God that I married a man that didn't take the sports stuff so serious. Quick reminder..coaches for the most part are really not plotting against us or our sons. They are just trying something different that to them seems like the right decision. The times that I said things at the moment and then had to humbly go back to apologize. There were too many to count..I love the gum trick. As you know I turned the page on that sports chapter of my life and I truly miss it, with all its craziness. God knew that I needed the ballpark stuff to help grow me in other areas. Lastly, remember that although the devil lives at the ballpark, so does Jesus and he's just so much better. love ya Cindy