Sunday, October 26, 2008

Friends From China

We had a fun weekend... we needed to be somewhere in the south this weekend, and it was close to where one of the families lives that we traveled with in China. We got to be friends with them on our adoption journey and it was amazing how well our kids hit it off with 'some' of their kids...they have 6(!), only 3 were in China. One of the unexpected blessings of adoption is the people you meet along the way.

Well we decided to stay overnight so we could hang out with them, I'm so glad we did! They are a wonderful family... The kids had a great time last night, and we so enjoyed talking to Joel and Trina, and then today, we went to church with them and stayed for their church picnic...we were so blessed.

Turns out, our boys are playing in the same soccer tournament, somewhere else in the south, in a few weeks and we'll get to see them again!

Here's a few pictures from today!

They adopted Benjamin when we adopted Abby this summer!


They have 3 adopted children from China, I love this picture of all of them!
Joel B we missed you today! Hope you won your soccer game!!


Denise said...

Did you all plan the matching brown turtlenecks...LOL!

Isn't it wonderful to reconnect with travel buddies. I am hoping to do that very same thing this Spring.

Have a blessed week!

trina said...

We didn't plan the matching turtlenecks but we both look really good in brown!!LOL I lost my lipstick during lunch so not the best pic of me. :) Sharla is always as pretty as ever!

We had so much fun and our kids have talked about nothing other than our weekend....and ideas to get together again.

Patientlywaiting said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun. How neat that you will see each other again in a couple of weeks. When are you guys coming to Texas? Just kidding! We would love to come your way again. Our favorite place is the Outer Banks! Thanks for sharing the pics!