Thursday, October 2, 2008

Things I Love About Nick

Ok...since today is Thankful Thursday in the blog world, I'm going to continue my "Things I Love About..." This week is Nick's turn!

His gentle spirit!

That he gives great bear hugs!

That he loves to tinker and take things apart… just a few weeks ago he was trying to figure out how he could use the old lawn mower motor to crank up the power on his remote control car!

That he went to Africa with me on a mission trip and never once complained about the long plane ride, the long days or the hard work!

That he loves to play instruments…he plays the string bass in the school orchestra and is now learning to play the bass guitar!

That he loves all kinds of music…rock and roll…Christian rock…and even my favorite, David Phelps (now that boy can sing!)

That he likes to shop with me and will tell me honestly what looks good and what doesn’t, especially when you know the salesperson is either blind or desperate for a sale!

That he loves to try things that are out of the ordinary…like fencing.

That he is bold in his faith…he is a leader in his Christian Club, at his public school!

That he would rather pray than pick a fight…we watched God stop a kid who was bullying him and all we did was pray!

That he gets excited when he sees God clearly answer prayer.

That he is so patient with his sisters, especially Abby, he’s willing to let her follow him around and watch after her when they’re outside together.

That he will sit and talk to me about things in the Bible…he clearly has a heart for understanding the Bible.

That he loves to play Scrabble…is great at chess and will play Blokus with me!

That he never complains when I ask him to do something, he just says “Sure mom!” Okay…I have to be honest, the exception to that is cleaning his room…but hey, he’s a teenager!

That he waits for me if I’m lagging behind when we’re hiking!

And of course, those BIG blue eyes!


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more with what you said,and I would add a thing or two---
I love how patient he is. He is always so patient in explaining and helping me figure out simple things that I have made complicated.(Usually he does not even laugh)

I love how he protects us from the BIG bugs.

I love when he calls me after his ball games and tells me the details.

I love how he loves Swaziland,Enoch, Jabulani, Caleb, etc.

I love how he loves.


April Isaacs said...

Those blue eyes are killer! He sound like the neatest kid. I can't wait to see how God is going to use him!

Yea for tomorrow!


Denise said...

Love your pics and what precious words from a mom to her son~