Saturday, October 11, 2008

A Short Funny!

Just a quick funny from last night...

We have an electric piano with all kinds of bells and whistles. It was my stepdad's, who sadly passed away very unexpectedly a lot of years ago. He loved that piano and I was so happy to have it, we both shared a love for music.

But over the last few years, busyness has kept me from playing. Last night, Abby wanted to open it up and see what it was about. At first I was preoccupied and started to put her off, but thankfully I just dropped what I was doing and decided to have some fun.

Abby loves to dance and this piano can accomodate her love of rythm quite has all kinds of fun things you can do with it and she had a ball.

But then I decided to play something myself and thought, "Well, I'll start with Chopsticks"... I was mortified...I couldn't remember how to play it!

I turned and looked at Scott and said, "Can you believe I can't remember Chopsticks?"

Abby ran off while I was talking to Scott and before I knew it she was back with a huge grin on her face and a set of red chopsticks from the dining room!

1 comment:

Shawnstribe said...

precious babe, and very quick too!!!!
it's just a bit of Mommy brain kicking in!!!
It will come back soon : )
i can't play a thing!!!
I love your blog title and design : )