Monday, October 13, 2008

A Visit To The Botanical Garden...

We've been in our town for about 9 1/2 years and sadly, there is a garden that I've thought of visiting a gazillion times, not too terribly far away. Recently I learned that they had butterflies and decided to take the girls to see...

Wow...what took me so long? It's beautiful!! Of course, I only captured one butterfly, there were these young girls running around and everytime I'd finally find one in a pretty location, they would run up in front of me and grab the butterfly so they could hold it! Yes...rude I know...the first time their mom looked at me and said, "I guess it's going to be hard to get a picture with kids running around." No, teach your children some manners... (I thought it, but kept my lips zipped) But there were all kinds of people there...elderly, people in wheelchairs, they were doing it to everyone... Anyway, I guess she saw the look on my face and told them to stop... So I got one butterfly and gave up... I guess I'll have to go back sometime during the day when others are kids are in school...

So here is my one butterfly photo...


And here are a few of my favorite flower photos...

Here's a few photos that I liked of the girls, then stay tuned for the water tunnel!
That was actually a pink plant of some sort behind Abby...of course she loved it and wanted her picture in front of it..."Picture mommy...picture!"
Finally, the highlight of the day was the water tunnel. It was kind of funny...all these parents were telling their kids they could run through, but try not to get too wet... Well, as you'll see, I let the girls go all out...they were soaked! Now usually, I'm the mom saying "Don't get too's not warm enough." But what the heck...we just had fun!
Not too wet...yet!
Now they're getting soaked!
A beautiful, FUN Day!
I think next weekend we'll do the Amazing Maize Maze and the Pumpkin Patch!


Anonymous said...

Babe, the pics are great! Each one I would see I would think "this is the best one". Then the next one I would think the same thing. One of my favorite flower pics. is the one of the yellow sunflowers against the blue sky, that is beautiful.

The ones of the girls are wonderful, makes one want to run in the water with then----what fun! And what in their faces---
Love you, Mom

Carla said...

Beautiful pictures Sharla!!

Anonymous said...

That first post was supposed to have said, "What joy in their faces"

(I guess one has to consider the source)

Shawnstribe said...

Sharla you have a gift!!!!
The banana plants made me homesick ; )
you guys have such great stuff over in the US : )

April Isaacs said...

So, now you're a photographer??? Beautiful pictures!!

Abby and Mackenzie always look so happy. I am sure it is not always the case, but you have me fooled:-)

Big hugs,

trina said...

I love,love,love your pics! You are inspiring me to get the camera out and take other things besides my kids..LOL
Oh..and loved the Fireproof movie!! Can't wait to own it and watch over and over. Everybody needs to watch it. I've discovered that Kirk and wife Chelsea have adopted four children and have a total of 6 kids..young ones!