Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First Progress Report & A Funny

Abby brought home her first ever progress report today, these were the teacher's comments...

"Abby is a joy to have in class. She is adjusting to Kindergarten very well! She is very eager to participate in class and volunteers to raise her hand. Even though she does not always know the answer, she will repeat it after me. She is not shy and will even stand up and sing her name during our name song. She is picking up on concepts quickly."

And to think that the tutor thought she was developmentally delayed! Amazing!!

Mackenzie brought home a great progress report too...her teacher said she is a "very attentive and conscientious student."

(The boys get theirs in bits and pieces, by class, so we'll see those over the next few days.)

Way to go girls!! I'm so proud of you!!

I almost forgot I wanted to add this...last night it was past Abby's bedtime and she was playing with Bitty Baby... I said, "Abby, sweet girl, (she's sweet girl and Mackenzie is sunshine) it's time for bed."

Her response... "In a minute mommy!" Yep, right out of the mouth of my little China girl! I burst out laughing and said, "Abby, you're not supposed to know how to say things like that yet." She just laughed and laughed!

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Jen said...

What amazing girls you have! Their sweet spirits obviously shine through to all who know them. No wonder you're so proud! I'm glad they're doing so well.