Saturday, October 4, 2008

My "No Longer Just Virtual" Friend April!

Being a part of the adoption world is the most amazing blessing! I've 'cyber' met the most incredible people...we share comments on our blogs, often pray for each other and with a few of them, I've been blessed with a friendship that we carry on through e-mail!

One of those blessings occurred months ago when April first posted to Rumor Queen (RQ), the premier forum of the adoption community. At that time, her heart was breaking because the foster family of the little girl they had been referred, was refusing to return her so that she could be adopted.

When she first posted about their situation on RQ, for some reason my heart just broke for her. I had fallen in love with our daughter at that point, and I couldn't imagine losing her referral. So I e-mailed April privately.

April and her husband graciously, with a broken heart, agreed to give up the referral instead of fighting for her (the good news, they believe that the foster family was able to adopt her!). And Ch*na eventually gave them a new referral. Emme is just adorable! And more than likely, she would not have survived had April and Paul not been referred her...she is 1 year old and weighs 12 pounds! She is extremely malnourished, but just beautiful! God works all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose! (Romans 8:28) Paul and April answered God's call to adopt and He worked a miracle through their was blessing to them, as well as to sweet Emme!

Well, over the months of this unfolding story, April and I communicated with each other more and more, praying for and encouraging one another on this sometimes very trying journey! She was, and continues, to be one of the HUGE blessings from this journey. And today...she went from 'virtual' friend, to 'real-life' friend!

She and her family were returning home and they had to drive through our town, so we worked out a plan and I got to meet her at the Chick-Fil-A. I admit, I was a little nervous...I tend to be a little bit of an introvert, so what if I couldn't think of anything to say? Would we have things to talk about? Well, it's an hour at will be fine! Let's just say, an hour wasn't nearly long enough...I would love to be her neighbor! I don't think we'd ever run out of things to talk about...I felt like I had known her my entire life!

And our kids hit it off wonderfully! I just had Abby and Mackenzie with me, but her oldest daughter is 10 and when we left, Mackenzie looked at me and said, "Mom, how far away do they live?" Oh...about 9 hours... Her little face just fell! April, your kids are personable and so polite!

I'm sorry Scott didn't get to meet her husband, I think they would have gotten along great! He's in ministry and seems like a great guy!

I love the way God weaves together His church...the way He gives us glimpses of Himself through His children...April, sweet was so nice to meet you!


April Isaacs said...

That was such a sweet post!!

It is so funny that you were nervous because I was nervous too and I wondered the same thing you did. "What if we don't have anything to talk about??" BUT, I already knew I loved your heart- that's who you really are. And, we connected so well emailing. I email several people from the virtual world (semi-regularly), but it's not the same as it is with you. Deep down, I thought once the nerves subside I think we will be just fine. Either that or I was going to claim stomach issues and hide in the bathroom until the inlaws came back to get us:-)

I too feel like we had known each other forever. Our time was not nearly long enough! Like I said when I was leaving, I had a feeling I would be sad when it was over. I am just glad we are friends. Maybe we can work in the real-live visits... as a matter of fact...

I think Paul is planning on going to somewhere in SC sometime later this fall. I am pretty sure we head right through your city. I was thinking of skipping the trip, but not if we could meet up again:-)

Shelby loved that Mackenzie asked about the distance between us and that she was sad when you told her how far apart we were. Both the girls really like Mackenzie and Abby. One of them said Abby was Spunky... not that you didn't already know that!

Thankful for how God brings people together!

Denise said...

That is so cool! I too have been able to meet a few cyber friends and those friendships are now even more special~

Jodi said...

What an awesome story! Made me smile!